Shenzhen SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. (SOYO Technology), as a double-soft certification enterprise and national-level high-tech enterprise, owns independent intellectual property and core technology in the fields of Bluetooth, UHF, VHF, 2.4G, 5.8G, WIFI digital wireless audio &video transmission and control technology of internet of things. SOYO Technology is a global renowned solution provider of professional digital wireless audio & video transmission and the core technology provider of Internet of things. SOYO Technology always focused on providing the world's best and most comprehensive products and solution of wireless audio & video & data transmission and intelligent control.
       SOYO Technology was founded in 2005, the chief founder graduated from the famous Tsinghua University and University of Science Technology of China. SOYO Technology has been always focused on the development of 2.4G / 5.8G / Bluetooth / UHF digital wireless audio and video transmission technology. And the products were produced by its Bantian factory, In the process of producing, Bantian factory strictly enforce: ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system for production. Standard products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, mainly covering such eight fields: education, museum tourism, professional audio, consumer electronics, smart home, smart venues, smart tourism city.
       In the field of education, the 2.4G digital wireless PA system originated with SOYO Technology, achieved that hundreds of PA systems can be used in a school simultaneously for the first time, which is unable to be achieved by analog wireless PA system. From then on, 2.4GHz digital wireless PA system were widely been used in global education field. In less than 4 Years, SOYO Tech has grown into a global leading manufacturer of wireless digital PA system from a new comer, won the glory for Chinese manufacturing and achieved the growth miracle of education audio industry.
       SOYO Technology entered education industry in 2009, and it took less than six years to grow into the largest manufacturer of the wireless PA system in Chinese education industry. In 2009, SOYO Tech also entered the museum tourism and has now become the China largest solution provider of tour guide, exhibition, and smart control equipments. SOYO Tech is also the pioneer and leader of professional audio, digital wireless audio and related products in consumer electronics.
       In 2017, SOYO Tech launched all in one multimedia teaching podium and conference podium which made a breakthrough in Chinese educational equipment and intelligent conference equipment, made a great contribution to the maintenance and use of multimedia classroom and conference equipments. And the world's first 5.8GHz wireless PA system is believed to bring a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of educational audio products!
       Currently, SOYO Technology is the largest solution provider of Intelligent tourism interpretation in the global museum tourism industry, the largest manufacturer of wireless PA system in China's education industry, also the pioneer and leader of digital wireless audio products in the professional speaker and consumer electronics fields. Right now, SOYO Technology has entered the fields of smart home, smart venue and smart tourism city with a lot of products related to internet of things and wireless intelligent core technologies, and is welcoming the smart city life with our passion and innovation.
       In the field of professional audio, SOYO Tech firstly proposed the concept of digital wireless surround audio and launched related products. The high-fidelity digital wireless surround amplifier has become the standard configuration of high-fidelity home theater system in China (Used with Philips high-end home theater speaker system).
       SOYO Tech also has been providing complete digital wireless audio solutions for the world's leading manufacturers. Great achievements have been made in the fields such as long-distance high-fidelity wireless audio transmission, digital wireless home theater, wireless background music system and portable / outdoor movable wireless PA systems.
       In the museum tourism and exhibition industry, SOYO Technology provides complete solution from product to service, including digital wireless tour guide system, digital wireless VIP explanation system, audio guide, video guide, smart phone APP guide, Wechat smart tourism services platform and related multilingual audio and video productions and services. Providing complete solutions for intelligent venues, making tour guide and exhibition in museums, science museum, planning centers and tourist attractions wireless, digital, intelligent. SOYO Technology is the manufacturer with the largest scale, strongest technical strength and most complete solution among all the manufacturers of tour guide and exhibition in Chinese tourism museum field.
       SOYO Technology was awarded Guangdong Good Faith Demonstration Enterprise and Shenzhen Excellent Software Enterprise from 2013 to 2016, also the most potential enterprise and the most competitive brand winner in the education equipment industry from 2011 to 2014. Some products have been awarded the best technical products of China's museum industry, and the best products of China international high-tech industry fair (China hi-tech fair) in 2012-2016. In some ways, it proves SOYO’s technology and performance are highly recognized by a lot of industry experts and customers, it is a truly trustworthy high-tech enterprise.
       SOYO Tech is a professional member of CTA (American Consumer Technology Association), a member of China Education Equipment Industry Association, a vice president of Shenzhen Education Equipment Industry Association, a member of China Entertainment Technology Association, a council member of Guangdong Entertainment Technology Association, a standing director member of Shenzhen Software Industry Association, Shenzhen High-tech Industry Association member. By the activities in these industry associations, we are understanding and participating in and the formulation and implementation of various standards, and it has laid a solid foundation for keeping our technology advanced.
        SOYO Tech has established a perfect production technology service system, with more than 180 employees, 23 offices across the country. The total area in Shenzhen headquarter for Research and development, office, production is up to 6000 square meters. And the branch Guangxi SOYO Technology, located in Nanning Zhongguancun Shuangchuang base, is specially founded for the wisdom tourism solutions.
       SOYO Technology has achieved great development in recent years, has become the national double-soft certified enterprises, national high-tech enterprises. In addition, our products have passed dozens of global technical certifications, such as FCC, EU CE, Japan TELEC, Korea KC, CCC, China Radio Model Approval, etc. We also have obtained all the certifications for exporting wireless audio products all over the world. By its strong research and development strength and good development prospects, SOYO Technology won the prize for excellence in the China (Shenzhen) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition that most of China's top high-tech innovation companies are involved, also the third prize of the Tianjin Technology Entrepreneurship Competition. In 2016, SOYO Technology was awarded the top ten honorary title in China's top Tsinghua University Global Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In 2017, Guangxi SOYO Tech won the first prize in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Nanning Division, The first prize in the Guangxi division semi-finals and was awarded the winner honor of the Internet Industry Finals of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In May 2013, SOYO Technology was formally listed in Qianhai Equity Exchange Center which located in the state-level financial reform demonstration zone and the stock code of 660173.

Company Culture

        Since its establishment, SOYO TECHNOLOGY always adheres to the spirit of "Integrity, Unity, Being Realistic and Innovative" and strives to be a world leader in the intelligent wireless audio technology to create the best and comprehensive wireless audio & video and data transmission technologies and products in the industry to make positive contributions to the intelligent education and cultural exhibition for tourism.
       SOYO employees will inherit the honor and dream and endeavor to create an enterprise of hundred years and century-old brand as the mission by continuously and consistently engaging in developing audio & video transmission technologies to create high quality products in the industry.

Company History

        Founded in 2005, SOYO TECHNOLOGY has grown from a small company of more than ten people to 180 employees. Our products cover smart education, smart tourism, home entertainment and other fields. The sales agents are spread all over the country and the sales network covers more than 50 worldwide. A well-known audio and video company in various countries and regions. In the past 13 years, the crown has grown step by step.

Set sail

  • SOYO TECHNOLOGY is established in Shenzhen and founded by graduates from Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology of China, and is engaged in R&D and production of digital wireless audio & video transmission technologies to successfully develop a digital wireless speaker and put it into mass production.

Growing up

    The first vehicle-mounted voice presentation system in the world is developed by SOYO TECHNOLOGY and is put into use. The first 2.4G wireless audio & video transmission technology and SOYO digital wireless speaker system are successfully developed.

Excellent progress

    SOYO is awarded "Innovation Award" of the enterprise innovation group of the 3th China (Shenzhen) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and also awarded the third prize of Endeavor Award in Tianjin Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, China.


    The first generation of wireless zone presentation system from SOYO TECHNOLOGY was put into use in the university history museum of Party School of the Central Committee of CPC/British Embassy in China held "GREAT Britain" global promotion activity (Shanghai), and SOYO provided 2.4G teaching wireless Silent Disco device to assist throughout the performance and obtained high praise.

Stride across

    SOYO TECHNOLOGY 02 audio guide was specified as the presentation product for the Beijing APEC summit.

Rapid development

    SOYO TECHNOLOGY provided presentation devices for the Hangzhou City Planning Exhibition Hall to be visited by G20 Summit Hangzhou/The audio technology of SOYO TECHNOLOGY is fully upgraded from 2.4G to 5.8G.


    SOYO assisted Hezhou to become the first tourism city covered by shared electronic guides in the world/The audio technology of SOYO made a major breakthrough by pioneering the km-level audio transmission technology/The new generation of wireless vehicle-mounted video presentation system in speed of 50-60 km/hour was put into use.

Sharp change

    Single-channel audio transmission technology was upgraded to multi-channel audio transmission technology/The km-level Hi-Fi music wireless transmission technology was officially launched.

Marketing Network

SOYO TECHNOLOGY is a global leader in the digital wireless audio&video transmission industry with its products being expanded into more than 50 countries and regions. In China, it has established more than 20 offices and 10 provincial agents. In terms of the marketing network worldwide, it boasted 300 vendors. Partners are continuously increasing to work with SOYO to realize the common dream.


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