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Enterprise Development | Astonishing !SOYO Technology Wireless Smart Audio Technology Unveiled in the Brand Event of the Education Industry

Time:2017-11-25    Author:  Foreign trade Department

    On the morning of December 25th, the award ceremony of the 9th educational equipment industry brand event was opened, and masters the education equipment industry’s gathered at the Nikko Hotel in Guangzhou. People from the SOYO Technology Development Co. Ltd was invited to attend this event and was able to present its ace products such as wall-mounted all-in-one machine, 5.8G digital wireless address system and central control machine.

    SOYO Technology’s TP-WSD10 multimedia smart platform machine has won the 2017 Annual Smart Classroom Technology Innovation Award for the Education Industry with its unique advantages of intelligent control, audio capture, and dual-screen display.

    Afterwards, Mr. Jun Tang, general manager of SOYO Technology, said in an interview with reporters that winning this honor is the recognition of SOYO ’s unremitting efforts. SOYO is not only innovating in product categories, but also more important is the constant breakthrough and innovation in technology. To well deal with the wireless intelligent audio technology to be the world’s number one is really a contribution to the educational equipment industry and using the best audio equipment to contribute to the education of China.

    At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, with the theme of “All Things Connected, Clouds Gathered in the Future”, the Guangzhou station of 2017 series of Education Equipment Exhibitions in the Education Equipment Industry officially started.

    Following the Changsha station, Mr. Tang Jun form SOYO Technology once again represented outstanding enterprises in the education equipment industry and gave speeches at the Guangzhou tour exhibition. Tang Jun analyzed the teaching effects of domestic schools on the stage, and proposed that if the technical level and quality of the equipment enterprises do not go up, all prospects for improving the quality of education will be empty talks. At the same time, the guests will be introduced to SOYO Technology - multichannel wireless audio transmission, long-distance wireless audio transmission, microphone pickup and other technologies, which have received great attention from the on-site guests.

    In his speech, Tang Jun expressed his full expectation for the future of China’s education and expressed his confidence in the research and development of educational equipment. He said that he will follow the high-end products such as the multimedia wisdom platform system, 5.8G teaching wireless address system and high-efficiency video conferencing system. After that, the company will continue to introduce more high-quality wireless smart classroom series equipment, to provide the best equipment and solutions for China’s education industry!

    HC Education Equipment Network is an authoritative media platform for the education equipment industry. It provides school equipment users and businesses with educational equipment network transactions with the most comprehensive educational equipment product library, education procurement information, teaching instrument applications, and education industry information. In recent years, it has organized a nationwide offline tour to organize a representative product line of equipment in the education equipment industry, allowing the product to approach system the integrator and approach users, allowing users to experience it and truly understand the company and its products.

    In this Guangzhou tour event, the organizer sincerely invited Tang Jun as the keynote speech of this event, which fully demonstrated the recognition and support of the education equipment industry for SOYO Technology. SOYO Technology focused on education equipment technology research and development and production. In the 8 years time, this company has made many significant achievements: the initial 2.4G digital wireless sound address system, which has broken the previous simulation of wireless sound address system that can not be used at the same time and has become a large-scale application of the global wireless sound address system in the field of education; the newly launched multimedia wisdom platform in one machine and the 5.8G wireless lecture system for teaching, as well as the high-sensitivity microphone system for recording and broadcasting, which have opened a new stage in China’s education equipment. What’s more, the 5.8G digital wireless microphone won the only gold medal in the field of wireless sound address in the 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition in 2017 and has become a representative high-tech product of Chinese education equipment going to the world!
SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd.
    SOYO Technology was established in 2005. It is the largest manufacturer of smart travel solutions in the global travel and cultural field, and the largest manufacturer of teaching wireless teaching amplifying systems in the Chinese education industry. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise. The main founders graduated from the famous universities of Tsinghua University and China University of Science and Technology. They took the lead in obtaining the innovation award in China (Shenzhen) Innovation Competition and the first prize of Nanning Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and other honors. The company entered the Nanning Innovation Demonstration Base in 2017 to build a smart tourism operation service platform project. After the establishment of the Nanning subsidiary, the management functions will cover the entire business in Guangxi and will serve as the bridgehead for SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. in the entire tourism industry.

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