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Tang Jun from SOYO Technology: Solid Foundation and Innovative Technology Leading the Development of Educational Equip

Time:2017-05-12    Author:  Business Department

    On May 7, 2017, the 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition with the theme of “Comprehensiveness, Integration, and Innovation” kicked off in Fuzhou city, Fujian province. As the vertical media in the industry, HC Education Equipment Network builds HC Live Broadcast Room, comprehensive tracking and reporting of the current event.

    Tang Jun, General Manager of SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    In this exhibition, Mr. Tang Jun, the general manager of SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd., was invited to the HC Live Broadcast Room and gave us a detailed introduction to the stunning and innovative black technology products that have been released to the world. There are three series of products: the multimedia smart podium all-in-one machine, the high-sensitivity microphone system for recording and broadcasting conference and the 5.8G wireless teaching address system. 

    First, aiming at the current status of multimedia, a six-in-one multimedia smart platform is introduced to integrate computers, high-speed photographic apparatus, amplifiers, wireless microphones, central control and lecterns, so that teachers can operate in a simpler manner and it is more convenient for remote monitoring and maintaining stability later. Thanks to the live demonstration of the highly intelligent integration, the simple and quick operation and the superior anti-interference and the  the product's experiential service, this machine has attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign guests.

    Second, the high-sensitivity microphone system for recording and broadcasting conference can record a sound within a radius of six meters as long as it is put next to the camera, making interviews easier. In addition, the system can realize the echo cancellation function of the original high-level conference system into a single device. Let ordinary microphones be equipped with QQ video to become a professional video conference system.

    Third, the original wireless amplification products upgraded from 2G to 5G to avoid more interference. The frequency of the changes with the results is huge, and the new upgrade to the audio market is also a huge change.

    Tang Jun said there are two things to do for a good company to continuously innovate: First, companies must be relatively grounded.. I spend a third of my time each year communicating with the integrator and users face-to-face and truly understanding them. Second, based on the core technical capabilities, the company must have its own ideas, teams, and preparations. It is important for companies to not only learn in China, but also go abroad and understand new market conditions to gain new results.

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