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Tang Jun from SOYO Technology: Talking with Strength and Innovation in the face of Competition

Time:2016-05-20    Author:  Administration Department

    【HC Education Equipment Network】On May 8, 2016, the 70th General Education Exhibition was grandly opened in Shenyang city, Liaoning province. This exhibition fully demonstrated the latest technologies, products and solutions in the field of education equipment in China. HC Education Equipment Network, as a vertical media for educational equipment industry, especially set up interview live rooms at the exhibition site, and invited influential and creative enterprises in the education equipment industry to discuss new ideas and new models in the field of educational equipment.

    On the afternoon of May 8, we are honored to invite Mr. Tang Jun, the general manager of SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd., to visit the HC Live Broadcasting Room and talk about the product concept, development philosophy and future strategy of SOYO.

Tang Jun, General Manager of SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd.

The following is the interview record:

Reporter: Hello everybody, this is the site of the 70th General Education Exhibition. We are now located in the HC Live Broadcasting Room. Today, we are particularly fortunate to have invited Mr. Tang Jun, the general manager of SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. I would like to ask Mr. Tang, what new products and solutions your company has brought to this year's General Education Exhibition? What are their unique characteristics?

Tang Jun: In this exhibition, we mainly brought about a modular wall-mounted teaching all-in-one machine. There are already some products on this one machine market. However, why do we do this? The main reason first is that the products on the market are mainly assembled, which will bring many bad situations. Second, we also believe that the future direction of educational equipment should be highly integrated, highly available, and easy to use. Therefore, we have used our advantages to develop integrated baseboard and developed this integrated all-in-one machine. The current market is not bad. After the integration, its reliability, availability, and user experience will be much better, so the market is also very good.

Reporter: Are there typical examples of users to share with us?

Tang Jun: A very typical example is that there is a market in the south of China and the customers actually require a personalized customization because each customer’s needs are different. The design, software and hardware of this all-in-one machine are all made by ourselves. At that time, the customer proposed whether half of these machines could adopt the computer of one brand, and the other half adopt the computer of another brand. For us, as long as we make a simple adjustment in the structure, we basically finish it in one week and supply it in a month. Therefore, our customers are very satisfied. But why did he use branded computers, perhaps it is more convenient for the after-sales service and other aspects. It is illustrated from this typical case that the biggest difficulty of an assembled machine is that it is easy to assemble, but it is difficult to change. The disadvantage of the integrated design is that the initial design process is very long. For example, this design process of the model takes six months, which is very long, but the benefit is that it is very easy to make adjustments later. So far we have done nearly seven models, and there are nearly fifty software versions, just like we have to keep teaching address system to fit all schools. Our wall-mounted all-in-one machine can adapt to all kind of needs. This is a benefit that I think I insist on R&D.

Reporter: If such a research and development is to be popularized,