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Tang Jun: Audiovisual Wireless, Let Music Fly ——Interview with Tang Jun, General Manager of SOYO Technology Developme

Time:2017-11-30    Author:  Publicity Department

    China Educational Equipment Network News: the 2017 China Preschool Education Summit and China Preschool Education supplies Expo, with the theme of "Happy Growth and Education meet Future," was solemnly held at the Nanhu International Convention and Exhibition Center in Tangshan city from November 10 to 12, 2017. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Educational Equipment Industry Association and the Tangshan municipal people's government. During the exhibition, top preschool education experts and scholars from home and abroad are invited to give lectures at the summit. At that time, outstanding kindergarten principals, teachers, and heads of high-quality preschool education institutions will be invited to attend. The person in charge of the preschool education training institution expects that more than 6000 people would attend the meeting.

    The expo fully displays the education information equipment (including VR and AR technology), preschool play aids, children's books, production materials, science, sports, arts, costumes, and safe campus products and technologies needed for preschool education. The aim is to comprehensively improve the teaching level of kindergartens, enhance the operating capacity of preschool education institutions, and promote the healthy, scientific and sustainable development of preschool education in China.

    China Education Equipment Network, as the network propaganda media of the China Education Equipment Industry Association, is actively following this exhibition. On this occasion, this reporter conducted an in-depth visit to Tang Jun, general manager of SOYO Technology Development Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SOYO Technology below)

    SOYO Technology owns its core technology and independent intellectual property rights in Bluetooth, UHF/ VHF, 2.4G/ 5.8G digital wireless AV transmission technologies, making itself a renowned provider of professional digital wireless AV transmission solutions in Asia-Pacific region. SOYO Technology is committed to building the best and most comprehensive products and solutions in wireless AV & Data transmission and intelligent control. Its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide and covers many major industries, including education, cultural tourism, professional audio, consumer electronics, smart homes and smart venues, as well as smart cities

    Since its establishment, SOYO Technology has received recognition from domestic and international professional industry organizations. In the process of growth and development, SOYO has also received a series of honors. So far, SOYO Technology is the world’s largest manufacturer of intelligent travel solutions in the field of cultural tourism and the Chinese largest manufacturer of wireless education PA system in the education industry, as well as the leader and pioneer in digital wireless audio products for professional audio and consumer electronics. At present, SOYO has entered the field of smart homes, smart venues and smart cities with a large number products by internet of things and wireless smart core technology, embracing smart city life in a more passionate, pioneering and innovative manner.

    In educational industry, SOYO Technology ’s unique 2.4G digital wireless address system has broken the embarrassment that original wireless address system could not be used in schools at the same time and opened up a large-scale application of the global wireless address system in education. In just eight years, SOYO has grown from a newcomer in the education industry to a major player in the global digital wireless address system, winning glory for China and achieving a miracle in the growth of the educational equipment industry. In 2017, SOYO has newly launched several systems like the multimedia smart podium all-in-one machine, the 5.8G wireless teaching address system and the high-sensitivity microphone system for recording and broadcasting conferences, which has became the gold medal products for the 72nd Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition in 2017 and the representative high-tech product of Chinese education equipment to the world.

    SOYO Technology has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, it has established 23 provincial-level offices all over China. Each year, hundreds of multimedia classrooms, smart-spots, smart museums, and urban planning exhibition halls are built and serve more than tens of millions of middle and elementary school students and tourists worldwide every day. SOYO applied real actions to make outstanding contributions to the construction and operation of the global education, tourism, and museum informatization, constantly creating new contributions to be the strongest sound in the world from made in China to created in China.

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