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Talk with Tang Jun, the industry expert and founder of SOYO: How to use wireless smart hardware and wireless audio products to improve the teaching effectiveness of Chinese schools

Time:2017-07-07    Author:  Business Department

    Today, SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the activities at Changsha of “2017 Series of Tour Exhibition in Smart Education Equipment Industry” held by edu.hc360.com.


    At the Changsha Exhibition for education equipment, Mr. Tang Jun, the General Manager of SOYO, gave a speech titled “How to use wireless smart hardware and wireless audio products to improve the teaching effectiveness of Chinese schools” on behalf of the Company and the outstanding enterprises in the education equipment industry.

    Mr. Tang Jun stood at the perspective of parents, manufacturers, teachers and administrators to analyze the needs of multimedia teaching equipment creatively and received continuous applause from the scene. Mr. Tang Jun shared the excellent smart wireless audio teaching cases abroad. He pointed out that there was a serious shortage in wireless sound amplification for domestic teaching. At the same time, he raised a practical problem: “many schools have been equipped with electronic schoolbags, recording classrooms and even 65-inch and more than 80-inch integrated touch machine, the voice is still poor, because the pocket machine has been used for more than 10 years!” The audience was immersed in contemplation.


    During the speech, Mr. Tang Jun expressed his full expectation for the future of China’s educational undertakings and expressed his confidence in the research and development of education equipment of SOYO. He said that the Company would continue to launch more high-quality teaching equipment results after integrated multimedia smart podium machine, 5.8G teaching wireless sound amplification system and high-sensitivity microphone system, so as to provide the best equipment and solutions for China’s education industry!

   edu.hc360.com. is an authoritative media platform for the education equipment industry. It provides school users and enterprises with education equipment network transactions based on the most comprehensive education equipment product library, education procurement information, teaching instrument applications and education industry information. edu.hc360.com. has organized a nationwide offline tour exhibition to organize the representative equipment in the education equipment industry to form a product line, allow products to enter system integrators and users, allow users to experience it personally, and thus truly understand the Company and products.

    SOYO is the main sponsor of this tour exhibition and has been deeply immersed in the field of educational equipment. In the past eight years, it has made many major achievements: The first 2.4G digital wireless sound amplification system has solved the problem that pervious analog wireless amplification system cannot be used in schools, and has opened up the applications of global wireless sound amplification systems in the field of education. The integrated multimedia smart podium machine, 5.8G wireless sound amplification system and high-sensitivity microphone system for recording, broadcasting and meeting launched in 2017 became the gold products at the 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition in 2017 and a representative high-tech product for Chinese education equipment to go to the world!

    SOYO is growing and developing. In 2017, it officially launched its channel strategy and is looking for strategic partners to become core distributors! If you are interested in fighting with us, please contact: service@chinasoyo.com



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