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Amazing Soyo Technology Wins the Golden Award of China Educational Industry

Time:2017-05-16    Author:  Business Department

    The China Educational Equipment Industry Association officially announced the results of the Golden Award for the Seventy-second China Educational Equipment Exhibition. The latest 5.8G digital wireless microphone system of Shenzhen Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the only industry gold product of 2017 award of wireless amplification for teaching in the Chinese educational industry.

    There were 1295 exhibitors at the Seventy-second China Educational Equipment Exhibition with more than 15,000 exhibited products. After careful and thorough review by industry experts,  100 products from the most influential and largest market share in the Chinese educational equipment industry and the most advanced manufacturers was identified and awarded golden products for the industry. These award-winning products and manufacturers represent the highest level of the Chinese educational equipment industry!

   Shenzhen Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd. took 2 years to build a successful 5.8G digital wireless microphone system. The purpose of the research project was to solve the problem that the future interference would be increasingly serious in the 2.4G band Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless communications caused by the coexistence of wireless communications and other devices. It has been proved to be a serious situation in which the current 2.4G wireless radio frequency has been severely interfered with radio frequency and cannot be used normally with the joining of 4G communication networks. Soyo's golden product released and has won the award at the equipment exhibition for the very first time proves that Soyo Technology's technical judgment has been recognized by all sectors of the society as well as experts in China's educational equipment industry, and has also received wide acclaim from peers, becoming an important contribution to to China and the world educational equipment market a Chinese educational equipment manufacturer!

   Soyo Technology's 5.8G digital wireless microphone system, operating at a frequency of 5725-5850Mhz, is a next-generation ISM free public frequency band. Currently, it is available for application and use for free in Europe, North America, China, Japan, and other developed countries and in more than 90% of countries around the world. For the application, currently only the next-generation Wifi 802.11AC technology, 5G communication and other cutting-edge technologies have been involved due to the limitation of the technical level. Its channel resources are abundant, and it is in phase with the increasingly crowded and dirty (professional term) 2.4G band. In contrast, its transmission distance, transmission effectiveness, and transmission quality have all been greatly improved, which has become a key research direction for Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries for professional wireless audio transmission.Soyo Technology is currently the first to introduce this technology in the industry, and has won the only golden medal product in 2017 of China's educational equipment among wireless amplification system manufacturers, which proves that manufacturers in the Chinese educational equipment industry do have the strength to provide world-class audio technology and Soyo Technology will soon participate in the 2017 Info Comm exhibition in Orlando, US. It is believed that Soyo will bring the shock and temptation to the world about the Chinese creation brought by the advanced manufacturers of Chinese educational equipment. We have reason to believe that application and promotion of Soyo Technology's 5.8G digital wireless microphone technology will surely draw a deep impression on the modernization and industrialization of China's educational equipment. Let's look forward to such expectations!

    News link: China Educational Equipment Industry Association Announces the Golden Awards for the Seventy-second China Educational Equipment Exhibition

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