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This company actually made such big news in Fuzhou!

Time:2017-06-05    Author:  Administration Department

    SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. has made great news again. This time, the Fuzhou Education Exhibition has launched three disruptive new product lines at a time:

    1. World’s first integrated multimedia smart podium machine. It will break the existing multimedia classroom equipment layout and allow teachers to return to normal face-to-face communication and teaching with students. This will greatly enhance the technical level, reliability and stability of existing multimedia classroom equipment. It is a world-leading high-tech product that can be promoted to the world.

    2. World’s first 5.8G series of digital wireless sound amplification product. It is not just a breakthrough, but a whole series of solution.

    3. High-sensitivity microphone system for recording, broadcasting, and conferencing. The sound within a radius of 6 meters can be captured. What’s important, the background noise is filtered, and all the echoes are eliminated.
    Are you interested? Let’s take a closer look and go to the booth to chat!

    Advantage I: Integrated multimedia smart podium machine
    The first black technology product is a series of integrated multimedia smart podium machine, the revolutionary product recently released by SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd.

   All series of products can be equipped with 5G sound amplifying system, high-sensitivity microphone to achieve stronger anti-interference ability and restore clear and clean voice.

    It can be lifted and lowered, folded and unfolded to meet various different use requirements.

    The dual-screen display function makes teachers’ teaching habits become face-to-face with students, return to tradition and help improve the interactive level of teaching.

    The networking function can realize the supervision and control of the equipment in all the multimedia classrooms of the school using the computer, and thus realize the intelligent management of audio-visual educational equipment.
    For integrators, it features one-stop purchasing of podium equipment, simple and convenient maintenance, reduced procurement costs and greatly improved product quality.
Advantage II: High-sensitivity microphone system for recording, broadcasting and conferencing
    The high-sensitivity microphone system for recording, broadcasting and conferencing is a milestone progress made by SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. in the field of voice pickup, voice data processing, recovery and transmission. Its successful R&D marks another step of SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. in wireless digital audio field.
    The followings are the black technologies of high-sensitivity microphone system for recording, broadcasting and conferencing.

Long-distance pickup
    It occupies the leading position in the industry relying on 3-6 meter pickup distance. The distance determines the area and the coverage reaches 100 square meters. Therefore, the system is adaptable to different classrooms and meeting places. If the array technology is used, the coverage area will be multiplied.

Effective and fast sound processing technology
    Innovative intelligent echo cancellation technology, built-in echo cancellation, noise cancellation, automatic gain control and other algorithms, to realize clear and clean sound and perfect recovery.


    Perfect matching of various recording and broadcasting systems, plug and play, simple installation, use and maintenance, to be convenient for the majority of users.

Focus III: 5G wireless amplification system has come in the market completely 
    SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer to apply 2.4G digital wireless audio transmission technology to teaching sound amplification and upgrade digital wireless sound amplification to 5.8G.

    2G to 5G is not just a change of numbers. The benefits it brings are self-evident. The real experience is getting better due to more channels, high frequency and no interference of WIFI and 4G signals. The sound delay less than 0.5ms is the leading advantage of SOYO, which is also applied to the 5G sound amplification system.

    Strong industrial design heritage and use of revolutionary innovation, double desktop charger, being smaller and lighter, longer working hours, which makes 5G wireless microphones become the “favorite” of the majority of teachers.
    If you want to know more black technology products, please quickly come to the scene to communicate with us!

    How to find us? !
    Exhibition Booth No.: 6C10
   Address of 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition: Fuzhou Strait International Convention & Exhibition Center (Binxi Avenue, Nanjiang, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province)
    Time: May 7-9, 2017
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