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How to Use Computer Karaoke at Home?

Time:2017-07-03    Author:  Business Department

Do you use computers more than TV’s in your life?
Do you worry about how to make karaoke easier at home?
Do you worry about the cumbersome home wiring and its insecurity?
Have you ever thought of using a tiny USB to receive audio?

    Yes, today's new karaoke game is recommended for you to solve this series of troubles. The era of computer karaoke has been a strong attack, so let's follow the trend of "Freestyle"!

    Today, we would like to recommend a intelligent microphone that can wirelessly karaoke at home. Not only can it automatically match the frequency with the receiver, but also karaoke with double microphones. It does not require tedious lines to fill the entire room, nor extensive space for pendulum. The only thing needed to put equipment is your wonderful singing voice.

Ø  A laptop
Ø  Two Soyo Technology's WTG15 wireless U segment microphone (with USB receiver)
Ø  One audio cable
Ø  One speaker

How to connect:

1. Connect the power to turn on the speaker

2. Plug the USB receiver into the computer


3. Connect the 3.5 audio line from the computer to the speaker

4. Turn on the microphone, automatic frequency, and yellow indicator light on


5. Open computer karaoke software (kuwo's k song, Everybody Sing Along, etc.) and start your karaoke!

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