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Formidable Victory! Guangxi Soyo Won the First place in the Final of China's Nanning Division, China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition!

Time:2017-07-13    Author:  Publicity Department

    On July 11th, the fierce finals of Nanning Division, China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition launched in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi. After a compiled selection from more than 240 companies, 20 companies of start-up group and growth group emerged to compete against each other. The shared electronic tour guide project offered by Guangxi Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd. was a stunning work to expert judges and won the first place in the start-up group, becoming a lively discussed topic for many venture capital institutions.


    The shared electronic tour guide project is a concrete implementation of the Guangxi Soyo Technology established by the world's largest intelligent tour guide system vendor, Shenzhen Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd., designed to create an online and offline cooperation with global tourist attractions through the investment and operation model under the combination of services and smart travel operations service platform. It uses high-tech shared electronic tour guide services to serve global scenic spots, creating a high-tech intelligent travel service platform that earns applause and makes money, and building a new Internet legend made in China.

   The China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is a national entrepreneurship competition under the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation, Great Achievements", jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. The contest gathers and integrates innovation and entrepreneurship resources to guide the community from all walks of life to support innovation and entrepreneurship, and is the highest-level innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China. In 2017, there were tens of thousands of companies registered in the 6th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition. Guangxi Soyo Science and Technology Co., Ltd., in the preliminary tests, the semi-finals, the finals in Nanning City, and the Guangxi District Finals, went all the way to the national finals with excellent results!

   At the end of last month, Guangxi Soyo participated in the China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition in Nanning, Guangxi, and successfully entered the semi-finals. On July 5th, it won the praise of the entire panel of judges for its brilliant performance and successfully entered the finals. On July 11th, in the finals, Guangxi Soyo won the first place by its shared electronic tour guide project. Guangxi Soyo's shared electronic tour guides can be recognized by a large number of investors and experts as a new force suddenly coming to the fore, which just proves the feasibility of shared electronic guides and a huge market imagination!

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