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Look Forward to Working With You on the Road of Development of Wireless Audio for Teaching

Time:2017-12-29    Author:  Design Department

 With the development of Internet technology and the continuous impact of e-commerce business, Soyo Technology's business channel construction faces new challenges. It requires us not only to make good products, but also to innovate in business model and channels. Since 2017, the Company has fully started its channel strategy, and has established regional distributors in Shaanxi, Anhui, Ningxia, Hebei, Shangdong and Hubei. A brand new marketing network is being formed.

 During the Seventy-third China Educational Equipment Exhibition, Soyo Technology held an investment promotion conference at the Haigangwan Hotel in Guangzhou. A great number of partners attended the conference, including Wuhan iJin Technology Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Miaokun Technology Co., Ltd., and leaders from Shanxi Lvliang Hechang High School and other institutions.

Jun Tang, General Manager of Shenzhen Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd.

 At the investment promotion conference, Mr. Tang, General Manager of Soyo Technology, stated that the Company's new investment promotion policy and channel construction have been under planning and improvement. The provincial-level general distributors and regional distributors have been established to form a marketing network with Shenzhen as the center and covering all provinces and direct-controlled municipalities and even the second-tiercities and counties. In addition, the Company's support for distributors will increase, not only to provide technology, products and after-sales services, but also in marketing and advertising in the future so as to enable distributors to enjoy Soyo's full range of services and focus on The development of company business.

 At the conference, a licensing and authorization ceremony was held by the Soyo Technology for distributors as well as the awarding ceremony for excellent distributors in 2017. Distribution authorization letters were issued for Shandong Jiaoshu Yuren Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Miaokun Technology Co., Ltd., and Wuhan iJin Technology Co., Ltd.

 Shanxi Xuncheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Hengyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded as excellent distributors of the year. The representative of Anhui Hengyuan delivered a speech: "Soyo's technology always surprises us and is at the front ranks of the world. With the development of new products, I strongly believe that Soyo's black technology can subvert the entire audio industry."


 The representative of Shaanxi Xuncheng excitedly said: "Thank you very much for the honorary title conferred to me by Soyo. I am also very fortunate to have chosen Soyo to keep my company's business prospering. We all know that the educational equipment industry has a gap in audio technology. Since the cooperation, I am convinced that the technology and products of the Soyo education industry have a huge market space, and I hope more companies will join and forward with us!"

 Soyo has always treated its partners with sincerity and provided distributors with excellent technology and high-quality products. Distributorscompletely trust and are confident in Soyo, and they also say that they will have a long-term cooperation with Soyo.

 After 8 years of cultivation, Soyo Technology has made remarkable achievements in intelligent educational equipment technology and has become a leader in intelligent educational equipment manufacturing. It won the 2017 Intelligent Classroom Technology Innovation Award, Outstanding Software Company Award for five consecutive years, the top ten innovation brands, the most competitive brand of educational equipment and other honors. Soyo's channel strategy has been launched. Some areas are waiting for you, the future excellent partners, to build a new marketing network. On the road of development of wireless audio, we are looking forward to working with you!

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