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SOYO high-efficiency video conference system gives you presidential-level enjoyment at a low price

Time:2018-03-08    Author:  Publicity Department

    In today’s global business environment, it is very important to establish a strong relationship with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers. It is difficult to meet the needs of communication through telephone and e-mail. You can communicate effectively with other people in a more direct way - video conference like face-to-face conversation to establish a good relationship.

    It helps small and medium-sized enterprises create a multi-node remote video platform with the simplest method and the least capital investment.

    Huawei Conference System, Cisco Conference System?

Too complicated, too expensive, not necessary

    Today, SOYO Technology Development Co., Ltd. launched a cost-effective intelligent video conferencing system!
Practical demonstration: SOYO intelligent video conference system can easily build a remote conference site

1. A set of SOYO ceiling-type high-sensitivity microphone: The sound within a radius of 6 meters can be accurately captured, so as to ensure that the volume is consistent regardless of the distance of sound source
2. QQ or Skype video

Conference room equipped with a SOYO ceiling-type high-sensitivity microphone (up to 600m²)
Online video has been opened at 24 nodes in the SOYO Shenzhen headquarters and 23 offices in China  

    Through the SOYO intelligent video conference system, the salesmen from 23 offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places received the video conference contents from Shenzhen headquarters. The sound is clear and real. It is like receiving face-to-face instructions from the leaders of the headquarters at the scene.

System advantages:
    6-meter remote pickup / echo cancellation / bottomless noise, the most important is: low price!
The price of one set of SOYO high-efficiency video conference system is less than 30,000 yuan! It can give you presidential-level enjoyment at a low price.
    Conferences and trainings can be conducted at the same time in dozens of areas. SOYO high-efficiency video conference system gives you high-quality interactive experience and makes us closer!
    With 30 million small and medium-sized enterprises and 900 billion market space, we are recruiting the national agents for SOYO high-efficiency video conference system. Welcome all friends and customers to consult and choose to use: sjlu@chinasoyo.com

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