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Soyo Technology's All-in-one machine Wins Appearance Patent

Time:2018-04-17    Author:  Administration Department

    On March 27, Soyo Technology's Multimedia Smart Podium All-in-one Machine won appearance patents.

    Soyo Technology's TP-CTS10 Multimedia Smart Podium All-in-one Machine has unique design, of which the chassis is durable cold rolled steel structure; the chassis frame with rounded corners reduces collision damage;-the platform can be expanded and closed to effectively prevent dust and damage;- the platform can be raised and lowered freely, which can withstand more than 200kg when lifting or standing. It is suitable for classrooms, hotel conference rooms and business meetings.

 Features: smart/efficient/multi-Function/elevation/dual-display/high sensitivity microphone, built-in 21.5-inch non-contact infrared sensing LCD touch screen display, supports single-point multi-touch Mode; - OPS computer pluggable pull-out design, easy to maintain and replace; - central control supports automatic shut-off settings for two periods to avoid equipment being forgotten to close; - built-in 2 * 30W speaker, and can be connected to an external 2 * 50W speaker; built-in 5.8GHz digital wireless speakerphone system, with a stronger anti-jamming capability, improving voice transmission quality; - frequency range: 5725Mhz-5850MHz; - built-in 800W high-definition video booth, support for any height adjustment, support for A3/A4 format picture HD shooting, with auxiliary LED lights.

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