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Black Technology Helps Build An Intelligent City! What Soyo Technology Presents at the International Intelligent Building Exhibition?

Time:2018-03-21    Author:  Design Department

  Last week, the 2018 International Intelligent Building Exhibition was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. The theme of this exhibition is "Intelligent Technology Creates and Builds Future Life" and is held to build a high-end exchange platform for the intelligent building industry.

    Many established companies, experts, and 100 professional media gathered in Beijing, attracting 47,158 professionals from home and abroad to visit and experience. This Exhibition fully demonstrated the present situation and achievements of the industry's high and new technologies. The products and solutions displayed by the companies were even more impressive.

    In this ever-changing high-tech era, intelligent and sophisticated products are the inevitable trend in the industry. As a leader in the intelligent audio industry, Soyo Technology has exhibited products and solutions such as Intelligent Travel, Intelligent Home, Intelligent Control, Intelligent Office, and Intelligent Education in the 2018 International Intelligent Building Exhibition.
President Huang and Vice President Miao, the Association of Intelligent
Buildings of China Construction Industry Association, visits Soyo Technology's booth

Intelligent Travel
 Intelligent Travel has been a key development area since the establishment of Soyo Technology. It is committed to using the world's leading wireless audio technology - kilometer-class wireless audio transmission technology, multi-channel wireless audio transmission technology, centimeter-level indoor positioning technology, etc. It has brought about disruptive technological upgrading for attractions, museums, and the tourism exhibition at the planning museum. In this Exhibition, Soyo Technology launched an Intelligent Travel program that attracts the attention of many exhibitors.


    The salesperson introduced the bracelet self-help guide system for the exhibitors, and they were amazed by the technically-sensed bracelet guide system. The on-site solar audio umbrella and intelligent showroom control system were also eye-catching.
Marketing Director of Soyo Technology is receiving an interview with a reporter at the site

Intelligent Home
 In terms of Intelligent Home, Soyo Technology has brought home entertainment systems that integrate home theater, games, and karaoke functions, intelligent door locks that can be operated remotely, and gas leak detection systems.


Home Entertainment System of Soyo Technology
Intelligent City
 Based on the kilometer-class wireless audio transmission technology, Soyo Technology launched the latest broadcast system program - emergency wireless public broadcasting! It can be used in public places such as beaches, residential buildings, schools, parks and squares to provide guidance and evacuation over long distances in the event of an unexpected accident to reduce the loss of life and property.

Emergency Wireless Public Broadcasting System of Soyo Technology
 In addition, Soyo Technology has also brought an Intelligent WeChat Public Service Platform and an efficient video conferencing system solution to strengthen new technologies to global intelligent cities.
Intelligent WeChat Public Service Platform of Soyo Technology

 The 2018 International Intelligent Building Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. The new technology and intelligent building solutions brought by Soyo Technology brightened up both domestic and foreign exhibitors. Representatives of some enterprises and institutions expressed great interest. We look forward to further cooperation!

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