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Leading Wireless Audio Technology! Soyo Brings You An Audio Feast at ISE

Time:2018-02-09    Author:  Foreign trade Department

    The 2018 Integrated Systems Europe was held as scheduled at the RAI in Amsterdam from February 6th to 9th, Soyo Technology took the latest long-distance wireless audio transmission technology, including innovative solutions such as multichannel audio transmission, intelligent podium, 5G audio amplification, and outdoor wireless background music. The display of such solutions brought a wireless audio technology feast to the audience buyers!

Intelligent Classroom &Intelligent Teaching Solution Wins Focus
Multimedia Intelligent Platform All-in-one Machine:
 At this Exhibition, Soyo Technology brought out a Multimedia Intelligent Platform All-in-one Machine that upgraded past products from the user interface, sound amplification system, and recording system:
* Elevated Platform: electric operation and adjustable height
*Intelligent control: integrated operation interface makes the teacher's class become a kind of enjoyment
* High-definition recording and broadcasting: the built-in Document Scanner and high-sensitivity recording microphone of radius of 5 meters, enable classroom recording at any time
Rave reporter interviewing on the Soyo Technology'sTP-CTS12Multimedia Intelligent Platform All-in-one Machine at the Exhibition
5.8G Classroom Sound Amplification Solution:
5.8G Digital Wireless Microphone
 Working at 5725-5850Mhz frequency, the Microphone features long transmission distance, strong transmission efficiency, great sound quality, built-in laser pointer, LCD screen that displays channels, volume and power light status, with PPT page turning function, automatic silence when the signal is weak or no signal, and support for multiple classrooms at the same time with no interference and no cross-frequency.

5.8G Wireless Audio Receiver
 The receiver host and the microphone can be automatically paired and connected, featuring long distance and fastpairing speed;the number of channels can be adjusted digitally and the operation is simple; the interference resistance is strong and can be used by multiple classrooms at the same time.
Outdoor Wireless Entertainment Solutions:


Solar Music Umbrella
 It is the first built-in wireless audio system and solar panels. Speaker and sun umbrella are perfectly combined, featuring simple control and good UV protection.


Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Music System
 The wireless background music system with Bluetooth connectivity and waterproof features is sealed and designed to be installed in outdoor environments, which is able to achieve full-range and long-distance transmission with sound effects melodious. It features a built-in rechargeable battery which can work continuously for 8-10 hours, a volume adjustment knob, and a built-in Bluetooth and 5.8G module, which can achieve a transmit multiple receivers.

High-fidelity Music Transmission Solution

Six-channel Wireless Music Transmission Solution
Kilo-class Digital High-fidelity Wireless Audio Transmission Solution
 Since its establishment, Soyo Technology has been actively expanding its global business. Its products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions, further expanding its international market space, and its brand influence has been greatly enhanced on a global scale.

 The 2018 Integrated Systems Europe is the third stop of Soyo Technology's global exhibition this year. Since then, Soyo Technology will also participate in the 2018 International Intelligent Building Exhibition, InfoComm China and other large-scale exhibitions.So stay tuned!

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