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Watching the CES Exhibition, Unveiling the 2018 Black Technology Highlights

Time:2018-01-12    Author:  Business Department

    Looking through the 2017 audio industry, the two words as "wireless" and "intelligent" have become the main theme of the whole industrial development. Under the subdivision, in the audio markets, the intelligent products featured by voice interaction and intelligent algorithm also broke on a full scale in this year, gradually became the entrance of the audio markets, and opened the linkage with multiple intelligent hardware items.

    In a blink, it entered the year of 2018. As the scientific and technological lovers, what we mostly focused on was the CES exhibition held in Las Vegas (the global largest consumer scientific and technological exhibition). Being the global largest consumer scientific and technological exhibition, CES had innovative technologies and hot products that represented the industrial development trends of the next year, so the audio industry was naturally no exception. However, for the audio industry, what new technologies and new highlights were presented in the 2018 CES?

    Next, please follow Xiaoguan to U.S.A and have a direct look at the CES exhibition to find the audio scientific and technological highlights.
Beo Sound Shape Wall-mounted Home Audio System
    Besides the wireless headphones and intelligent sound boxes, the audio product which attracted more attention would be the wholly new home amusement audio system. Beo Sound Shape is a type of home audio system with highly innovative significance.

    If not reminded, you would hardly imagine such decorations seeming artistic on the wall would be the audio. No matter how is the sound quality of such audio, at least from the industrial design, practicability and space layout of the products, such wholly new forms of home audio have won the huge and sufficient attention in the CES exhibition.
    Beo Sound Shape, as a type of wall-mounted module wireless loudspeaker system, could organically combine the high sound quality and customization. The hexagonal ceramic tile shape could be freely placed at each position and adjusted the size so to meet the demands of the users. The users could customize the size, shape, color even sound quality. Each piece of "ceramic tile" could be used as a loudspeaker.
Multichannel and Super-long Distance Audio Transmission Technologies
    When mentioning the audio technologies, how can we ignore Soyo Technology? As the leader of global intelligent wireless audio technologies, Shenzhen Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd. displayed the globally leading new technologies in this CES to the world: (more than 10) multichannel wireless audio transmission technologies, long distance wireless audio transmission technologies, (5-8m radius) high-sensitivity microphone pick technologies, centimeter-level indoor positioning technologies, etc.

    Based on such technologies, Soyo would bring the overturning changes to the industries of educational equipment, home amusement, tourism and cultural industry expo, and create the campus wireless broadcasting systems, sports events commentary, wireless background music systems, intelligent wireless meetings, smart classroom wireless sound reinforcement, smart tourism explanation systems.

Wireless Background Music System (Outdoor) with Bluetooth Connection and Waterproof Function

Non-contact Solar Energy Power Supply

    Inheriting the aim as transmitting the sounds with technologies and changing the world with sounds, since the development, Soyo Technology has always been making continuous breakthroughs in the audio technologies, and devoting to creating the world latest and most complete audio solutions.
Intelligent Voice Assistant
    Looking at the current hardware brands such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. which integrated the AI and intelligent loudspeaker in the markets, we could find the further development of the AI voice interaction trends. In this CES exhibition, the intelligent voice assistant has become one big highlight of the audio technologies.

    Compared with those products only having "hearing", the wholly new intelligent voice interaction equipment, which is able to learn and listen to the users, provide more personalized services and support the software upgrading could win the favor from the users, and become the new trends of the future interaction.
The Seamless Combination of the Audio Technologies and Sports Health
    In this CES exhibition, another unmiss able highlight was the seamless combination of the audio technologies and sports health. There were the sport Bluetooth headphone supporting the optical heart rate monitoring/analysis and providing the scientific sports guidance, the bone conduction headphone without putting in ears, the portable sound boxes convenient for your free listening at the swimming pool and sand beach, the wireless Bluetooth headphone featured in sports and HiFi sound quality, the wireless Bluetooth headphone for paying attention to the physical conditions of bodies at any time, etc. In future, the intelligent headphone/sound box products based on the wireless transmission technologies would become the new wave of the next audio technology.

Image+ Sound Synchronous VR/AR
    In this CES exhibition, the VR/AR technologies were still the highlights. On site the image + sound synchronous VR/ARequipment could be experienced, so the immersion experiences would be enhanced.

    The sound VR faced the problems of high content source production costs and post-production falling behind, which were the threshold for hindering the development of sound VR. Therefore, the attention to the sound VR was much higher than that of visual VR.

    As the forefront indicator of the scientific and technological industries, each CES exhibition could be called the scientifically and technological visual party which brought innovation and surprise to the audience. In this CES2018 exhibition, Soyo Technology was the key enterprise of the audio industry, which attracted the attention of numerous lovers no matter the release of new products or display of hot products. If you were also a fan or audio lover, please do not miss the wonderfulness of Soyo!


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