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Info Comm China will be opened, and SOYO invites you to enjoy the technology event

Time:2018-04-18    Author:  Publicity Department

    Info Comm China 2018, the largest professional audiovisual and interactive experiential communication technology trade show in Asia-Pacific region will be opened on the 11th. More than 30,000 professional audiovisual and ICT integrators and end users will gather together! SOYO will bring you the latest and most cutting-edge audio-visual products and solutions to meet with you and look forward to enjoying the audio-visual feast!
Time: April 11-13, 2018
Venue: Beijing National Convention Center
Exhibition Booth No.: DA1-03
Wonderful preview of exhibition

I. Smart classroom

    As a leader in wireless smart classroom equipment, SOYO will bring a new smart education program to meet with you, including classroom real-time feedback system to increase interaction and fun between teachers and students in the classroom, 5.8G teaching amplification system to efficiently improve learning efficiency and campus travel system to enhance the awareness of university.

 II. Smart travel

    Based on wireless audio technology, SOYO diversified innovations in the explanation of scenic spots and guided tour plan of museums: museum videoconferencing and recording and broadcasting systems, automatic positioning systems for tour buses, wireless intelligent stadium control systems, shared electronic tour guides, and social education system of museum.

III. Smart home

    For smart homes, SOYO will bring home wireless background music systems, smart WeChat public number service platform system and home intelligent control system.

Black technology:

I. One-kilometer sound transmission

    The kilometer-class high-fidelity audio transmission technology breaks through the limitations of audio transmission due to the distance, supports wireless audio transmission and reception over a distance of 1 kilometer, and truly achieves long-distance transmission.
II. Far-field pickup 

    The remote pickup and speech filter with a radius of up to 6 meters is used for far-field pickup technology of SOYO. The sound is clear regardless of the distance; the volume can be adjusted automatically to ensure that the volume is the same and is not affected due to the change in distance of sound source; automatic background noise is eliminated, and vocal sound can be accurately captured under complex background noise.
III. Meter-level positioning

    The meter-level indoor Bluetooth positioning technology for SOYO adopts unique dynamic positioning refresh technology and dedicated positioning hardware to position the intelligent and dynamic adjustment of speed and achieve sensitive positioning with a precision of above 98%, and the average positioning error is less than 3.5 meters.

    SOYO has established cooperative relationships with hundreds of companies at home and abroad.
    In the future, we look forward to working with you.

Successful cases:
    SOYO built thousands of multi-media classrooms, smart scenic spots and museums every year to provide services to tens of millions of middle and elementary school students and tourists every day.
    In 2012, the smart explanation equipment of SOYO was used in the global promotion activities of London Olympics.
    SOYO provided wireless explanation equipment for the global promotion activities of “GREAT English”.
    SOYO proposed innovative smart travel solution for Angkor Wat of Cambodia
    The divisional explanation system of SOYO has been used by the Louvre in Paris to add strength to the spread of this artistic palace and thus enable visitors to have a more detailed understanding of the essence of art passed down for 800 years.
    SOYO provided explanation equipment for Hangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Hall officially designated in the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit!
    In 2017, SOYO helped Hezhou City become the world's first tourist city to share the coverage of electronic guides!
    SOYO wireless teaching sound amplification system is used in Wuhan University and Guangxi University.
    The intelligent voice remote control solution of SOYO helps Sky worth become the first domestic manufacturer who uses voice remote control on smart TVs.

Please look forward to more exciting contents
Info Comm China 2018
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