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5G, AR, VR, AI, IOT (Internet of Things) TechnologiesYielded Unusually Brilliant Results in CES Exhibition

Time:2018-01-19    Author:  Administration Department

    The 4-day scientific and technological grand ceremony CES2018 formally ended. In the exhibition space of 2,800,000square feet of Las Vegas, more than 4,500 exhibitors exhibited the world advanced technologies. It was the largest exhibition opportunity in the 51-year history of CES.
     Looking back on this exhibition, two themes became the hot words of CES2018:
#5GARVRAI (artificial intelligence), IOT (Internet of Things) #
    CES attracted the global scientific and technological manufacturers to gather in Las Vegas, and display the respective latest scientific and technological products, including the 5G, Smart City, AI (artificial intelligence), IOT (Internet of Things), AR, VRtechnologies which yielded unusually brilliant results in CES exhibition.

Biped Robot Walker
    The firstly appearing Walker was a biped robot researched and developed by UBTECH, had the height of 1.3m and two highly free legs, thus could walk up and down stairs, have aomni-directional travel, and hold the multiple interactive movement abilities such as playing balls, dancing etc. The Walker robot was also equipped with the devices such as microphone, HD display screen, camera, sensor etc., had the functions such as voice interaction, navigation and obstacle avoidance, security monitoring and control, video call etc., and could be interacted by two ways as mobile APP or voice.
Intelligent Following Suitcase
    As a kind of “moveable” suitcase, the 90FUN Puppy1 intelligent following suitcase was matched the RF beacon remote control, thus could realize the high-sensitivity automatic following function with following angle precision of 5°and following distance precision of 10cm, and easily achieve the front and back bi-directional intelligent following and close following.
Artificial Person
    The Psychasec Company brought a kind of “artificial person” product for the CES2018 exhibition. Such kind of product had a high similarity to the human beings, but some were placed in the glass-frame cabinets, and some were packed into the vacuum bags for appreciation, and fed and breathed through the conduits. They were composed of skin, tissues, muscles, skeletons, nervous systems and cells by use of casing pipes, and contained all foundations of human actions. In the laterstage, they could be technologically conducted the human consciousness. Such kind of product could even be customized, so you could design it into any intended shape, including the height, weight, race, gender, etc.
The Kilometer-levelWireless Hi-Fi Audio Transmission Technology
    The CES2018 exhibition firstly presented the kilometer-level wireless Hi-Fi audio transmission technology, which was owned by Shenzhen Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd. It could make a wireless transmission of audio over the 1,000m distance, and achieve the sampling rate of 128K. Such technology attracted much attention same as the AI, AR, VR, and yielded unusually brilliant results in the CES. 

    After seeing the CES exhibition, people would exclaim over the complexity and technological power of the scientific and technological circles, also highly praised the great imagination and creativity of the rapidly changing times.
# Made in China #
    According to the data published by the CESsponsor CTA on January 6, CES totallyattracted approx. 4,500 companies and organizations to participate in, including 1,551 enterprises with exhibitor marked country as China. From the quantity, the Chinese enterprises occupied one-third of the CESexhibitors, while among such Chinese enterprises, more than 490 enterprises were from Shenzhen.
    In the CES 2018 of this year, there were many UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) manufacturers from China, among which the one attracting most global attention was DJI, the leader of the UAV field.

    Alibaba showed a series of progress of the AI technology, including taking express delivery, buying commodities, and punching card by face swiping, real-time translation in case of language barrier etc.. The Ant Financial could correctly identify several pairs of multiple births, including the identical multiple births under the laboratory environment.
    Baidu Lu Qi published the automatic drive platform Apollo2.0 in the American CES and formally opened to the public, also announced to establish the Apollo Global Institute. Baidu’s AI has been developed faster and faster in the application of automatic drive field.
    Shenzhen Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd.appeared the CES2018 exhibition by taking the kilometer-level wireless Hi-Fi audio transmission technology and multichannel wireless audio transmission technology,displayed the great power of the Chinese audio technology to the world, and achieved “made in China” amazing in the world!

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