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Shaoyang City Planning Exhibition Hall

Time:2017-06-01    Author:  Business Department

    The Shaoyang City Planning Exhibition Hall was opened during the 2016 National Day. It is located on the first and second floor of the East Tower of the City Culture and Arts Center, is one of the “Five halls, one court, and two centers”. It covers an area of 4,000 square meters, integrating planning, science education, special tourism, business leisure, and file query as a whole. The hall is divided into four parts: “Impression”, “Legends”, “Vitality”, and “Wing of Dream”.
     “You may taste the past of long history, flourishing today and bright future of Shaoyang when you are walking in the Planning Exhibition Hall”. As beautiful as the preface, the City Planning Exhibition Hall has a wealth of exquisite graphics, realistic models, high-definition shocking images, providing friendly interaction with the people and allowing visitors to enjoy themselves in a trip through Shaoyang in the past, present and future.
    The City Planning Exhibition Hall is divided into four parts: “Impression”, “Legends”, “Vitality”, and “Wing of Dream”, embodying Shaoyang's past, present and future respectively. In the “Impression”, by the propaganda film of "two centers and one hub" and "taste the landscape, culture, and scene of the ancient city", combined with the city's keynote " famous city featuring history, culture and landscape", it gives people a preliminary impression of Shaoyang. In the “Legends” part, it will clearly tell the story about the development of Shaoyang by explaining its origins, development of Baoqing House and the changes in townships; showing the profound cultural connotation of Shaoyang by setting the scenes of Baoqing Eight Scenes, Baoqing Port, intangible cultural heritage, and historical celebrities etc.. In the city of “Vitality”, it presents the six overall planning of Shao Yang, including the construction of highways, railways, aviation hubs, and the tourist resorts of Laoshan, Nanshan, and other cities, which show the brilliant achievements in the city at present. In the city of “Wing of Dream”, it depicts the grand blueprint for urban development by showing the development plans of the eastern town group, the western ecological circle, and counties (cities).
    In order to create a personalized, quiet and independent environment for domestic and foreign tourists, the Shaoyang City Planning Exhibition Hall has specially selected SOYO Technology's intelligent guide device to allow visitors to truly feel the culture and history of the Shaoyang City Planning Exhibition Hall in a comprehensive and comfortable way.
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