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Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln Folk Expo Are

Time:2017-07-03    Author:  Publicity Department

    Jingdezhen Ancient Kiln Folk Expo Area is located at No. 1, Guyao Road, Cidu Avenue, Jingdezhen City. It is a national AAAAA level scenic spot, national cultural industry demonstration base, and state-level non-material cultural heritage protection demonstration base, the preferred scenic spots for Jingdezhen ceramic cultural tourism, from which you may have a deep understanding of the profound history and culture of the porcelain capital.
    In the ancient kiln expo area, there displays ancient porcelain workshops, the world's oldest porcelain production line, town’s kiln of Qing Dynasty, gourd kiln of Ming Dynasty, steamed bun kiln of Yuan Dynasty, dragon kiln of Song dynasty, Fenghuo Xianshi Temple, porcelain shops and other spots, showing people the ancient porcelain architecture, Jingdezhen hand-made ceramics process and the traditional fine porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the folk custom display area, there displays 12 ancient architectures of the Ming and Qing dynasties, surrounding which, landscapes of ceramic folk display, Tianhou Palace, porcelain monument promenade, and water stage porcelain music performance displayed. Inside the waterfront front street creative rest area, there is Changnan porcelain, Changnan dock, the plough and pottery, the front street life, the front edge of the wood porcelain and other porcelain cultural and creative leisure landscapes. Here, you can see the vein of the Chinese Ceramic Culture of thousand years history.
    In a multilingual and international environment, in order to create a quiet and harmonious environment for tourists, the Expo Area has specially selected SOYO Technology's intelligent guide device to allow visitors to have a thorough understanding of the culture and history of China’s porcelain in a comprehensive and comfortable way.
    Founded in 2005, SOYO Technology has gradually developed into the first brand in the domestic wireless teaching amplifying industry after 9 years of accumulation and precipitation. Relying on solid wireless products, sound address solutions, and first-class after-sales services, SOYO Technology has harvested a group of loyal customers, and has been crowned the 2013 top 10 Potential Brands for Education Equipment Industry, and the top 10 Innovative Brands in the 2014 Education Equipment Industry, and many other major awards in the industry, becoming increasingly prominent in brand influence.
    SOYO wishes to share with you the beauty of technology and innovation, creating a better future in the Smart Age.

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