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Chongqing Yuanyang Primary School Successfully Installed SOYO Wall-mounted All-in-one Machine

Time:2017-10-23    Author:  Publicity Department

    Chongqing Yuanyang Primary School is located at No. 25, Yuanyang North Road, Yubei District, Chongqing City, which is the key primary school of Chongqing. Due to the expansion of school and improvement of teaching requirements, Chongqing Yuanyang Primary School decided to buy the speaker device of SOYO Technology.

    The school successfully installed 15 sets of wall-mounted all-in-one machine and teaching use speaker on Sep. 18, 2017, and showed great satisfaction after trial use. The classrooms improved can enrich the interactive experience effectively. Leaders of the school said, they will upgrade their other classrooms in the future and will also consider SOYO Technology’s teaching device.

    Founded in 2005, SOYO Technology has gradually developed into the first brand in the domestic wireless teaching amplifying industry after 9 years of accumulation and precipitation. Relying on solid wireless products, sound address solutions, and first-class after-sales services, SOYO Technology has harvested a group of loyal customers, and has been crowned the 2013 top 10 Potential Brands for Education Equipment Industry, and the top 10 Innovative Brands in the 2014 Education Equipment Industry, and many other major awards in the industry, becoming increasingly prominent in brand influence.

    SOYO wishes to share with you the beauty of technology and innovation, creating a better future in the Smart Age.

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