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Multimedia Equipment Purchase of Chongqing Machinery and Electronics Advanced Technician School

Time:2017-11-01    Author:  Administration Department

    The Chongqing Institute of Mechatronics Technicians (also known as the Chongqing Machinery and Electronics Advanced Technician School) was founded in 1978 and is an economic and information committee approved by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government to cultivate socially-negative technicians and senior engineers. Technicians also have full-time public institutions of higher vocational education, which are mainly high-skilled personnel with college and university degrees. In the past three decades, tens of thousands of high-skilled personnel have been trained to meet the needs of production, management, and service for the national and local economic development. In order to create a better teaching environment, care for the teacher's voice and enhance the interaction in the classroom, Chongqing Machinery and Electronics Advanced Technician School selected the 2.4G digital wireless sound address system (soundbox version) from SOYO Technology.

    SOYO Technology has been devoted itself into the research, development and industrialization of 2.4G/5.8G digital wireless audio and video technology transmission, aiming at improving the domestic teaching devices that relatively more backward. It has successfully improved the traditional teaching method to the largest extent, and solved the big problems existing in the teaching process.

    1.Protect the throat of teachers. Due to the nature of the profession, teachers have to talk all the day especially when there are a lot of classes and the class is taken in large classroom with a number of students. Many teachers suffer from the sphagitis or use their voice too much. To change this situation, G&P Technology made a deep investigation on the overall teaching environment and developed several high-tech digital wireless speakers, so that teachers can teach without needing speak loudly by using their products. in this way, teachers’ throat can be protected to the largest extent.

    2. Enhance the interaction between teachers and students. Due to the limitation of traditional teaching method and environment, the interaction between teachers and students are limited. And the wired speaker also limits the walking area of teachers, preventing teachers from freely communicating with students. While the wireless speaker of SOYO Technology can break such limitation and help teachers communicate with each student more conveniently.

    3. Beatify the teaching environment. Many undeveloped areas in domestic still use the common speaker hung in the waist, which looks not beautiful and is not convenient for women teachers. While the wireless speaker of SOYO Technology is pretty, small and light, can be held by teachers on hands or clamped on their clothes. In addition, some products gathers multiple functions such as sound amplifying, PPT page turning, laser pen, recording pen etc., which simply the teaching devices and bring a sense of high-technology into classroom, greatly activating the atmosphere of classroom.

    Founded in 2005, SOYO Technology has gradually developed into the first brand in the domestic wireless teaching amplifying industry after 9 years of accumulation and precipitation. Relying on solid wireless products, sound address solutions, and first-class after-sales services, SOYO Technology has harvested a group of loyal customers, and has been crowned the 2013 top 10 Potential Brands for Education Equipment Industry, and the top 10 Innovative Brands in the 2014 Education Equipment Industry, and many other major awards in the industry, becoming increasingly prominent in brand influence.

    SOYO wishes to share with you the beauty of technology and innovation, creating a better future in the Smart Age.

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