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Anyang City Yindu District Wenyuan Primary School Multimedia Device Procurement Project

Time:2017-11-03    Author:  Foreign trade Department

    Anyang, formally called Yin, Ye, Xiangzhou, Zhangde Prefecture, is a prefecture-level city of Henan Province. It is located at the northernmost of Henan Province, the junction of Henan, Shanxi and Hebei, west to Taihan Mount, east to Puyang, north to Handan, and south to Hebi, Xinxiang. There are 2919 schools of different levels and classes, including 9 colleges and universities, 38 ordinary senior high schools, 23 secondary vocational schools, 258 middle schools, 1362 primary schools, 8 special education schools, 1161 kindergartens, 60 technical and vocational training schools. And there are 999567 students at school receiving basic education, including 192500 students for preschool education, 722519 students for compulsory education (528486 students in primary students, 194033 in middle school), 83401 students in senior school, 1147 students for special education; there are 36323 students at school for secondary vocational education. In addition, there are 18745 students for training and 64404 teachers and staff for basic education, including  53675 full-time teachers, 2687 secondary vocational teachers and staff, among which, there are 2200 full-time teachers. The enrollment rate of primary school is 99.75%. In order to create a better teaching environment, protect the throat health of teachers, enhance the class interaction, Anyang City Yindu District Wenyuan Primary School selected the 2.4g digital wireless audio speaker system of SOYO Technology.

    Committed to education use wireless speaker, SOYO Technology has not only developed a series of products with complete functions and excellent quality, but more importantly, formulated different solutions for different teaching environments and different teaching needs, which can satisfy different domestic teaching appeals:

    1. The digital wireless speaker system of speaker version, suitable for school applications where multimedia classrooms, sound systems or speaker devices is not installed;
    2. The digital wireless speaker system of receiver version, suitable for school applications where multimedia classrooms and sound systems have been deployed in classrooms;

    3. The digital wireless speaker system of wireless receiver power amplifier version, suitable for classrooms equipped with only passive speakers but no other speaker application;

    4. The digital wireless speaker system of outdoor version, suitable for individuals or school users who wish to achieve sound reinforcement with limited investment, suitable for movable places;

    5. The digital mobile audio classrooms of popular version, suitable for schools and regions where the level of audio-visual education is not high and the funds are relatively low, requiring to quickly popularize and deploy the voice classrooms and improve the education level of language courses. 

    Founded in 2005, SOYO Technology has gradually developed into the first brand in the domestic wireless teaching amplifying industry after 9 years of accumulation and precipitation. Relying on solid wireless products, sound address solutions, and first-class after-sales services, SOYO Technology has harvested a group of loyal customers, and has been crowned the 2013 top 10 Potential Brands for Education Equipment Industry, and the top 10 Innovative Brands in the 2014 Education Equipment Industry, and many other major awards in the industry, becoming increasingly prominent in brand influence.

    SOYO wishes to share with you the beauty of technology and innovation, creating a better future in the Smart Age.

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