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TP-WSD10B Portable IP65 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Time:2018-07-08    Author:  Foreign trade Department

Model: TP-WSD10B

Brief Introduction:

We think there is a need to provide our customers a kind of HIFI audio system which can suit any weather, work in any situation, and can bring beautiful music at any time.
Any weather: You can enjoy the HIFI music system under any weather, whether sunny or rainy, cold or hot, dry or wet.
Any situation: You can enjoy HIFI music in any situation, whether near the swimming pool, by the beach or in the bathroom.
Any time: You can enjoy HIFI music any time you want. A built-in lead-acid battery can support 8 hours of continuous working time. Do not worry about the power supply. Just let the music into your ears at any time you want.  

Bluetooth version Bluetooth 3.0
Channel Left/Right/Mono
Level of protection IP65 (level 6 for dustproof, Level 5 for waterproof)
Cabinet material UV protected plastics
(Fully waterproof housing)
Theoretical output 25W
Horn size 2 in (tweeter),  4 in (woofer)
Impedance 40HM
SNR ≥85dB(0.3%@1KHz)
Frequency response 50Hz-20KHz
Antimagnetic Support
Continuous working time 8 hours
Product dimension 170*165*260mm
Net weight 3.29Kg
Certification BQB


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