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TP-WSD15 High-end 2.1 CH Bluetooth Speaker for Home Theater System

Time:2018-07-08    Author:  Foreign trade Department

Model: TP-WSD15

Design philosophy
We define it as a simple and high-end style for home use. We think, to a simple and high-end style of speaker, good to look, comfortable to touch, and wonderful to sound is the most important principles. So, we design and manufacture the speaker in strict accordance with these principles.
High-end Bluetooth Audio Module
70W Super Power
Independent Treble Units
Independent Strengthen Bass Unit
All Wooden Acoustic Cabinet
Support Bluetooth audio input and auxiliary audio input

Bluetooth Profile 3.0+EDR, A2DP
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Input Type Wireless/wired
Power Output 70W (2*15W+40W)
SNR 95dB
Sensitivity -85dB
Frequency Response 65Hz-20KHz
Bass Unit 5.25 inch 4Ω
Mid-Tweeter Unit 3 inch 8Ω
Input Bluetooth/RCA
Antimagnetic Support
Operating distance 10 meters
Enclosure Material Wooden
Product Size Subwoofer:  270*251*182mm
Satellite speaker: 105*108*168mm
Package Size 480*320*252mm
Weight Net: 4.89Kg.  Gross: 5.68Kg

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