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TP-WIRELESS Wireless Surround Amplifier for Home Theater System

Time:2018-07-08    Author:  Foreign trade Department

Model: TP-WTA03


Home Theatre System has been more popular and favored by people than ever before. But the wiring problem of 5.1 CH speakers is really very thorny to every family. 
How to solve the problem with a fairly cost-effective and convenient solution? Our answer is Wireless Surround Amplifier. It can tackle this issue effectively, neatly, and economically. One only need to connect the TV with a Wireless Transmitter and connect the rear(passive) speakers with Wireless Amplifiers. Thus, the TV audio is wirelessly transmitted to the rear speakers also with HDCD sound quality.
Moreover, the Wireless Surround Amplifiers are more versatile than you expect. They can be applied not only in Home Theatre but also in many other occasions as well. So long as it is audio player with 3.5 mm or RCA jacks, the Wireless Transmitters can be applied in such a manner, while the Wireless Amplifiers shall be able to run any passive speakers within range. Just imagine how many things you can do with this simple, economical but effective tool!

Description Parameters
Working Current 2.5A
Working Voltage DC 14V
Working temperature -25 °C  ~ +65  °C
Frequency range 2400 - 2483 MHz
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
Latency time: < 0.5 ms
Sampling ratio 64kHz@16 bit*2
SNR 95dB
THD 0.3% @1KHz
Modulation: GFSK
Output power: 30W+30W
Housing material Aluminium alloy
Housing color White/black
Package Dimension: 280mm*270mm*50mm
Weight: 955g

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