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Six-way Professional Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation

Time:2015-04-08    Author:  Administration Department

·         Six-way simultaneous interpretation and interpretation relay Support.
·         Unlimited microphones from the rostrum can be connected to the system.
·         Within the effective range of 100 meters, unlimited Receivers can be extended according to customer’s needs.
·         Real digital transmission, the privacy and intellectual property rights of the interpretation content can be better protected.
·         The installation of the whole set of system is super easy.

Detailed Description:
①This Professional System is designed to support six-way interpretation and interpretation relay. It consists of table top microphones, microphone hubs, six interpreter’s consoles, a simultaneous interpretation host, a six channels transmitter, unlimited receivers and charge cases.
②Through the Microphone Hub, unlimited microphones from the rostrum can be connected to the system. Each microphone hub can support 6 table top microphones, and we allow customer to choose the quantity of microphones and microphone hubs according to their needs. What’s more, the microphone hub has two channels balanced XLR output, it can support maximum 100 meters audio transmission without loss and interference. It’s your ideal choice for long-distance wiring in large conference room.
③The Interpreter’s Console is supplied in a professional all metal housing, and conforms to most relevant international norms. Every interpreter console is identical and interchangeable through the DIP switch in case of malfunction. Interpreters can easily select the incoming languages of their choice by using the 7 buttons with LED indicator, easy to realize simultaneous interpretation relay. The volume control knob, MIC mute button, external MIC & headphone port, and PHILIPS Headset are designed to provide interpreters a perfect interpretation experience.
④The Simultaneous Interpretation Host is the audio interactive center of this system. Multiple audio sources from rostrum, interpreters, computer and other devices were interacted and processed here.
⑤Through the Six Channels Transmitter, maximum 6 different translated languages’ signal can be sent out at the same time. With a directional antenna, the reliable range can be up to More than 100 meters.
⑥Each receiver comes with a lanyard and a earhook earphone. The audience can select the incoming language they want by adjusting their receivers to the related channel with an ease.  The built-in button design, can effectively avoid pressing the button by accident, and the information of channel, volume, battery status also can be displayed in the LED display. (The receiver was adopted by APEC2014)
⑦Each case can charge 30 receivers at the same time. And it is not only a charge case, but also a storage case.

(Remark: The quantity of Table Top Microphones, Microphone Hubs, Wireless Receivers and Charge Cases can be extended according to your needs.)

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