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Audio Guide Signal Transmitter

Time:2021-05-26    Author:  Foreign trade Department

Audio Guide Signal Transmitter is the signal control system in tour guide system. 

Transmitters are pre-installed and fixed at different locations of a museum or a scenic spot. The receiver is a handset device carried by a visitor. The receiver device is portable for visitors and can detecting the signal emitted from the pre-installed transmitters at different locations. Accordingly, it will automatically deliver the corresponding audio/video/picture contents to the visitor when visitor near to the transmitter.

It is small, light, adjudtable radius signal.
This transmitter is easy installation without complex construction work and risk to destroy exhibits in exhibition area.

It is a mobile audio guide solution for
Museums, Planning Museums, Science & Technology Museums, art gallery, Library, Tourist Attractions,  Museum for University/School History, international exhibition

Visit the factory along with high noise pollution
The introduction of product or publicity, service occasion, Corporate Pavilions

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