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The Sixth Generation Digital Wireless Tour Guide System

Time:2021-05-26    Author:  Foreign trade Department

Model: TP-WTG06

◇ Museums, Art gallery, Library, Tourist Attraction, Corporate Pavilions, Museum for University/School History, International exhibition 
◇ Multilingual language wireless simultaneous translation, audio visual language teaching
◇ The introduction of product or publicity, service occasion
◇ Visit the factory along with high noise pollution
◇ Team tour guide for the explanation of Tourist Attractions
• Lowest latency in the industry (<0.5ms).
• 64K@16bitX2 sampling rate, HDCD sound quality.
• Support 30 channels, channel can be switched.
• Support one transmitter pair with muitiple receivers, receiver quantity is unlimited.
• Mute when the signal weak or no signal.
• Digital display, can display volume and channel information.
• 2.4G Digital wirelss transmission technology, without interference from the mobile phone and WIFI.
Transmission distance: 30M
Sampling Rate: 64K@16bitX2
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Operating Frequency: 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
Channel: 30 changeable channels,support automatic search and manual search.
Power Supply: T hree AAA size batteries or rechargeable Lithium battery. If choose the rechargeable Lithium battery, customer can choose the option Charge box which can charge 30 receivers and 1 transmitter simultaneously.
Duration: Low energy consumption, long standby time (transmitter can work continuously more than 10 hours, the receiver can work continuously more than 20 hours).
Others: Compatible with other model tour guide system produced by our company, can use the same frequency in the same group

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