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TP-WIRELESS 5.8GHz Wireless PA System Wireless Microphone and Receivers for Classroom /Church/Conference Room

Time:2018-08-14    Author:  Administration Department

The advantages of 5.8GHz system:
Jump out crowded UHF, 2.4GHz RF Band
Avoid mutual interference with WIFI
Coexist with Bluetooth device
Signal cannot through the wall, more suitable for simultaneous use of multiple rooms
Features of theWireless Audio System:
①. 5725MHz-5850MHz is an ISM frequency band which is legal and free all over the world. Our system provides 120 selectable frequencies, which can support unlimited rooms using at the same time without crosstalk.
②. 1-3 meters paring distance, around 15 meters using distance. Each 5.8GHz microphone can use in any room installed with TP-WIRELESS 5.8GHz speaker without crosstalk. Every teacher can have their personal microphone.
Features of wireless receiver:
①. Advanced audio circuity design features natural and distortion-free sound. 
②. Support a way of 5.8GHz wireless audio input, a way of wired audio output (3.5mm port) and a way of wired audio input (3.5mm port).
③. Built in audio mixing function, support wireless audio input and wired audio input at the same time. That is to say, you can use the 3.5mm audio input port for background music input.
④. The receiver comes with a durable metal case with mouthing bracket.
⑤. Small in size and easy to carry.
Hot sell wireless microphone:
① Handheld, belt-clip and neck-hanging.
② The microphone come with a flexible lanyard, convenient for teacher to hang on
neck with hand-free. It is especially suitable for female teacher wear suit without pocket and belt.
③ It can realize PPT paging function with a USB dongle, plug and play. Best choice for multi-media classroom or conference room.
④ With a built-in laser pointer.
⑤ The microphone powered by a rechargeable Li-Battery with Micro USB connector. (battery life ≥ 10 hrs).
⑥ Channel, volume, power, charging status can be shown on the LCD screen.
⑦ Mute function automatically when no signal and week signal.
⑧ Elegant design.
Technical Parameters:
Frequency Range 5725MHz-2850MHz
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Playtime of Transmitter ≥10hrs
Pairing Range 1~3 meters
Power Supply AC100V-AC240V
Output Impedance
Latency Time 0.5ms
SNR 89dB
Distortion 1.5%@1KHz
Output Power 60W(2*30W)

As a manufacturer located in China, Shenzhen, Soyo Technology offer 2.4G/5.8G RF digital wireless classroom audio system over 13 years:
  Solution 1: Wireless microphone + wireless speaker
  Solution 2: Wireless microphone + wireless amplifier + speaker (passive)
  Solution 3: Wireless microphone + wireless receiver (connecting your amplifier, projector or active speaker)

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