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TP-CTS07 Smart All in One Multimedia Podium

Time:2018-07-09    Author:  Business Department

TP-CTS07 Smart Multimedia Podium is designed by SOYO Tech for multimedia classrooms and the characteristics are highly integrated, efficeient, multifunctional and economical. 


· Teaching interaction - Promote teacher-student communication
The teacher can use the student desktop for interaction and guidance.
· Real-time recording - Improve teaching efficiency
Teachers and students can use the smart platform integrated machine to record, which saves noting time.
· Module design - Easy to disassemble and maintain
Multi-modules integrated, built-in central control system, extremely easy to disassemble and maintain.
· Humanized platform - Easy to operate, comfortable to use
The smart podium has a built-in high-definition touch screen display and a wheel with height adjustment to meet the different usage habits of teachers and students.

·The smart platform integrated machine is made of stainless steel, which makes the platform integrated machine more stable and durable.

·With 4 movable rollers, it makes the platform more convenient to move.

·Equipped with a 5.8G digital wireless sound reinforcement system, users can speak freely anytime, anywhere.

·Built-in 23-inch display and embedded multimedia central control system, the platform is easy to disassemble and maintain.

·Built-in 5.8G digital wireless sound reinforcement system and 2*50W high power amplifier。

·Built-in 800W HD video booth with adjustable height, free to lift between 120cm and 150cm.

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