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TP-CTS10 All-in-one Multimedia Smart Podium

Time:2018-08-14    Author:  Administration Department

Adjustable height of podium ( electriv lifting) / Intelligent control / Top 10 features / Dual display / Embedded a high sensitivituy recording microphone with 5 m picking range
① Durable cold rolled steel cabinet, safety round corner design.
② The platform can be covered and uncovered, and can effectively avoid dust and damage.(for effectively protecting against dust and damage)
③ The platform can withstand 200Kg weight, and with the function of one key lift up and down between 75cm to 105cm.
2)Display and Computer
④ Adopt OPS computer and pluggable design, easy to maintain and replace. Default configuration: i5 CPU, 4G RAM, 500G hard disk, integrated graphics, integrated sound card.
⑤ With an embedded 21.5 inch Non-contact infrared sensor LCD touch screen display, support single touch mode and Multi-touch mode.
⑥ The user can set the time of automatic shutdown, to prevent the equipment was forgotten to turn off.
3)Interfaces and Control Panels:
⑦ Interfaces: 1*110V~230V AC Supply Socket, 4*USB Port, 1*VGA IN, 1*3.5mm Stereo IN, 1*HDMI IN, 1*RJ45 Network Interface, 1*XLR MIC IN
⑧ Control Panel: Power ON/OFF, CCU ON/OFF, PC ON/OFF, Projector ON/OFF, Mute, Video Source, Volume Up, Volume Down, MIC Volume UP, MIC Volume Down, Lift Up, Lift Down.
4)Wireless PA System
⑨ Embedded 2*30W active speakers, and supported to drive 2*50W external speakers.
⑩ Embedded 5.8GHz digital wireless PA system, improved the quality of audio-data transmission and capability of anti-interference. Effective Range 15 meters.
⑪ Carrier Frequency: 5725MHz~5850MHz
⑫ The Wireless Microphone integrated laser-electronic ferule, with the function of PPT page up and page down, volume and tone control. It comes with a charging dock and a full charge can support 8 hours continuous use.
5)Document Camera
⑬ Embedded an 8000000pixels HD Document Camera with an auxiliary LED light. The height, angle and light intensity of photography is adjustable. Support A3/A4 format HD photography.
Windows 7 / Window 10 (According to customer’s need)

It integrated all the functions needed for classroom, multimedia conference room as an 
interactive all in one podium, classroom AV podium.

 As a manufacturer located in China, Shenzhen, Soyo Technology offer 2.4G/5.8G RF digital wireless classroom audio system over 13 years:
  Solution 1: Wireless microphone + wireless speaker
  Solution 2: Wireless microphone + wireless amplifier + speaker (passive)
  Solution 3: Wireless microphone + wireless receiver (connecting your amplifier, projector or active speaker)

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