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TP-CTS12 Smart All in one Multimedia Podium

Time:2018-07-09    Author:  Publicity Department

Adjustable height of podium ( electriv lifting) / Intelligent control / Top 10 features / Dual display / Embedded a high sensitivituy recording microphone with 5 m picking range
Product features:

· IC card control switch: Non - contact IC, chip IC card - card switch function

· For the first time, the 5.8G digital wireless microphone and wireless active speaker are configured simultaneously. The operating frequency is 5725Mhz- 5840MHz, which makes sure no interference from 2.4GHz that classrooms widely used for WiFi network. The wireless microphone has passed the National Radio Authority 5.8Ghz universal micro-power (short-range) radio transmission equipment testing and got the certification

· Electric lifting podium applies to preschool education, general education, higher education, the Podium table can be adjusted from 72cm to 102cm (2.16ft to 3.06ft) to meet the needs of different users

· Strong weighing ability: the platform can withstand more than 200Kg no matter it is lifting or in static condition

· The integration touch control makes teaching enjoyable: with an embedded 21.5 inch non-contact infrared sensor LCD touch display, support single touch mode and multi-touch mode (Support more than 6 points touch)

· The most easy mode of maintenance and use in the industry: all modular design, the latest pluggable OPS computer is easy for maintenance

· Flexible computer configuration to meet different needs: i3-i5 CPU/4-16G RAM/ 128G-512G hard drive

· Integrate all the functions into one machine: embedded 2*50W active speakers, and the embedded amplifier can drive external speakers

· Full touch control with color display: the platform comes with capacitive touch panel, built-in 4-inch color LCD display shows the parameter information of different status. The panel has more than 14 touch keys to implement different functions, such as adjusting the volume of host, microphone, treble and bass, the height of podium controlling, IC card management, switch, projection and curtain controlling

·  Built-in switchable microphone on the platform and the volume can be adjusted. It can be used when the teacher ‘s hands on the platform

· Embedded keyboard and touch panel on the platform, makes the operation of  keyboard and mouse most convenient

· Embedded an 8 million pixels HD document camera with auxiliary LED light. The height, angle and light intensity of camera is adjustable. And A3/A4 format HD photography;

· It supports HDMI input and output, and it can display the video at the same time when HDMI video output;

· A movable tray is added on both sides of the podium. The left tray is for putting A3 / A4 format paper when using the document camera. The right tray can be used for placing articles, and with an additional cup holder

· Embedded high-sensitivity pickup system (optional), it can pickup sound up to 5 meters for video conferencing and distance learning

· The bottom of the host comes with four lockable wheels unlock, you can easily move the podium around when you unlock them.

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