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Disposable Medical Isolation Gowns

Time:2020-06-13    Author:  Foreign trade Department

Isolation gowns are intended to fully cover the external clothing of the wearer, like healthcare providers, healthcare facilities staff, and visitors, etc.

【Model】Conjoined cover all, Split overalls
【Specifications】M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL(Full body)
【Main structure】Nonwovens are used as the main raw materials, which are made by cutting and sewing. Nonsterile and single-use.
Used for general isolation in the out-patient, ward, and laboratory of the medical institutions.
【Application method】
It can be used after unpacking.
1. Check whether the package is well packed before use, and confirm the external packaging mark, production date and validity period, and use them within the validity period
2. This product is disposable and is not allowed to be reused
3. This product is non-sterile. Please do not use if the package is damaged
4. After use, the product and packaging shall be handled according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department.
【Storage】Store in dry, ventilated place away from light. Do not mix with chemicals. Keep away from fire.

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