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Non-Contact Instant Read Infrared Forehead Thermometer with Memory Recall

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No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer


Thank you very much for viewing our products. This product is a non-contact infrared thermometer for measuring temperature by receiving infrared energy emitted from the part of the object to be measured. It allows you to easily and quickly learn about the temperature of the measured object anytime, anywhere.
Product features
>High-precision infrared sensor from a European country with a stable and feasible performance.
>Strong environmental temperature adaptability, can still be used normally in complex environments.
>New independent intellectual property control probe structure to ensure more accurate measurement.
>Automatically record 32 sets of measurement values.
>Automatic switch-off for 30 seconds without operation, saving power and energy.
>Two temperature units: Celsius and Fahrenheit are optional.
>Simple and easy operation.
>Fast measurement and reliable temperature value.
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Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Non-Contact Instant Read Thermometer
No Touch Infrared Digital Thermometer
Non-contact Thermometer
Digital Thermometer for Fever
Temperature Measurements via Forehead for Baby, Kids, and Adults
Health Care Thermometers
Baby Forehead Ear Thermometer Infrared Electronic Thermometer with Memory Recall Digital Thermometer for Kids Adults Surface and Room
Body Thermometer Temperature Measurement Tool for Fever, 
Non Invasive Thermometer 
Suitable for Babies, Newborns, Kids, and Adults
No skin contact is required, making it the faster and more hygienic method.
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