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Wireless Background Music & Emergency Broadcast System

Time:2018-06-06    Author:  Foreign trade Department

    The integrated public emergency broadcast & background music playing function can control by zone divisions as required to play music, safety message and weather forecast in whole, single or combination mode. It is provided with a forced switching function of auto/manual: once an emergency broadcast is enabled by the remote microphone or other external device, other functions (background music or general broadcasts) of the system will be suspended, and the system executes only the pre-recorded emergency auto audio broadcast or manual broadcast of remote microphone. Once set, background music can be played automatically unless there is a change or temporary notice.

    The wireless background music is combined with the emergency broadcast system to form a safety guard which not only provides necessary service information and beautiful music, but also offer users with a comfortable and safe environment.


Application Scenarios
    Suitable for outdoor safety system establishment such as scene spots, parks, communities and campuses.

Technical Features
▷ The device itself is not configured with any power switch to ensure that an emergency broadcast can be immediately implemented at any time.
▷ The emergency broadcast system can realize the emergency broadcast within 2 seconds.
▷ Wireless remote controller allows the maximum guarantee of people's life safety.
▷ Sealed design, suitability for outdoor installation, all-around service, remote broadcast, sound effect pleasing to the ear.
▷ Built-in rechargeable battery allows continuous operation of 8-10 hours.
▷ Provided with volume adjustment knob, built-in Bluetooth and 5.8G module, capability of realizing one transmitter and several receivers.
▷ Composite materials: water proof, sun screen, high temperature resistance, long service life and higher quality.
Product Compositions
    Outdoor stone speaker, water proof speaker, solar energy speaker umbrella, wireless microphone, multi-channel audio output control system, and main transmitter.

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