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Restaurant Wireless Queue Management System

Time:2017-04-13    Author:  Publicity Department

    The restaurant wireless queue management system is developed to improve some drawbacks such as chaos, disorder and incivilization existing in traditional queue management in the service industry. The system can easily solve problems with queuing, waiting and congestion encountered during dining time. After ordering, a user can go to a comfortable place to wait for calling without wasting time in queuing and be provided with great convenience and joy.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for small and middle sized restaurants with low investment.

Technical Features
HI-FI active speaker:
▷ Sampling rate: 64K@16bit*2, frequency response 20-20KHz, HI-FI HDCD quality.
▷ auto matching, 80 receiving channels
▷ The effective operating distance from the receiving computer is higher than 30 m.
▷ Speaker unit: dual 6.5" enhanced low pitch unit and 3" high pitch unit.
▷ 32-level adjustable volume, low and high pitch and mixer adjustment knob provided.
▷ Two receivers designed to allow simultaneous operation of two microphones.

High sensitivity wireless microphone:
▷ Up to 6 m radius remote pickup + speech filter (excluding line) allow clear presentation of speeches, near or far.
▷  Auto volume adjustment, near or far to ensure consistence of sound.
▷ Fully automatic background noise suppression, and accurately capture human voice in a complicated background noise.
Product Compositions
    High sensitivity wireless microphone, active speaker, gooseneck wireless microphone, wireless ceiling mounted speaker.

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