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Bar Multi-channel TV Audio Play System

Time:2018-03-15    Author:  Administration Department

    A bar is a good place where people would like to entertain and relax themselves after getting off work, and will be the best choice for friend parties, chatting with colleagues and discussing business with partners. Here, you can throw away your toughness in the work and home, select your favorite team or TV show, and increase the volume three times among laughing to relax yourself from the stress from high pace and strength of modern life and economy. Thus, a bar is noisy. To solve this problem, a bar now uses silent watch mode that has poor user experience.

    The SOYO multi-channel TV audio play system allows you to wear a compact receiving headset and select you favorite channel through multi-channel digital wireless audio transmitters, to receive the sound belonging to you, relax yourself and obtain the most satisfied relaxing experience without effect from other musics.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for all bars providing multi-screen audio & video viewing services.

Technical Features
Simultaneous interpretation main control computer:
▷ 2/4 groups of interpretation transcription output channel and can be used for recording
▷ 2/4 groups of speech input channels. Cascade connection is possible between main control computers and up to 16 channels can be supported
▷ Provided with the input level indication function and capable of directly displaying the input level and volume
▷ Provided with channel output tone adjustment knob (SIGNAL-A to D) and allow adjusting the channel output sound effect
The multichannel digital wireless audio transmitter:
▷ Built-in IR remote control
▷ Two-digit digital display and capable of displaying the change of volume and channel in real time
▷ Channels can be increased or decreased
▷ 32-level digital volume adjustment
▷ The power switch is provided with a ON/OFF noise suppression circuit to effectively eliminate the ON/OFF noise
▷ Built-in rechargeable battery operating mode
▷ Allow real-time online switching of three audio input modes including audio - general microphone - monitor
▷ This module works in the frequency band of 2.4G ISM international free band, green and environment friendly and suitable for global market
▷ Transmission distance 30 m
Product Compositions
Simultaneous interpretation main control computer, multichannel digital wireless audio transmitter, and receiving headset.

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