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Outdoor Mobile Speaker

Time:2012-06-12    Author:  Design Department

    Specially designed for achieving wireless amplification for outdoor conference activities, opening ceremony, community activities and square dancing, without the need of worrying about power supply and obsession with wiring, installation and construction. Being integrated with digital wireless speaker, CD player, power amplifier, tuner, feedback suppressor, the whole speaker system ensures the mobility and stability of the equipment, and solves the problems with distortion and insufficient emotional expression for outdoor amplification, and thus ensures that outdoor activities are carried out in high quality.
System Framework
    Wireless amplification can be realized by simply installing related speaker cables. It features mobility, water proof property, great power, and rechargeable battery, and support outdoor use for a long period of time.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for schools with low level of electric teaching and low investment as well as outdoor conference activities, opening ceremony, community activities and dance arrangement.

Technical Features
▷ IR matching. Matching is automatically enabled upon power-on. After matching, it enters receiving state, without the need of manual intervention
▷ 120 receiving channels
▷ Speaker unit: 10" enhanced low pitch unit and 1" high pitch unit
▷ Rated power: 150 kW
▷ Receiving sensitivity: ≥ -85dBm, effective receiving radius ≥ 20 m
▷ An SD card slot is available. Files in MP3 format in an external USB can be directly played to facilitate user of audio materials such as MP3 in the process of teaching.
▷ Built-in rechargeable battery which will serve for 3-5 hours under normal condition
▷ Extension type drawbar design, equipped with roller speaker, facilitating outdoor teaching
▷ Two wired microphone inputs, one 3.5 audio input interface; 6 independent adjustment buttons including low pitch, mixer, microphone volume.
Product Compositions
    Digital wireless microphone, drawbar design and waterproof speaker

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