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Museum Real-time Field Interaction & Feedback System

Time:2017-12-25    Author:  Publicity Department

    In recent years, a museum has become a culture education organization open to all the society and more and more visitors would like to join in the museum activities with increased worth-seeing and level of participation, and hope to obtain rich historical and cultural knowledge from their visits.
    The real-time field interaction & feedback system created by SOYO for museums uses new media technologies in a museum exhibition hall and social education system to allow a museum to realize wide spread and education. In addition, digital storage is helpful for protecting collections. Enhanced realistic and natural user interface technology improves the exhibition effect. Real-time interactive presentation field, exhibits and presentation are at the same time presented to visitors. Visitors having any question or idea can communicate with a commentator in real time to enhance their degree of participation. A new means is used to comprehend history and make full use of education and interaction function of exhibits of a museum.  
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for exhibition halls and social education fields including museums, planning museums and art exhibitions that require interaction.

Technical Features
▷ Multi-media all-in-one touch device is built with a computer, power amplifier, speaker, console, wireless microphone, video presenter and multi-point capacitive touch screen, without the need of an external speaker to realize teaching amplification.
▷ The all-in-one machine can be flexibly moved without environment limitations, and facilitate setting of a teaching environment. The table height can be flexibly adjusted between 0.825 m and 1.125 m and can be lowered or raised or paused to adapt to different height requirements (electrically operated lowering/raising, intelligent control) to provide users with optimal view and use experience. The top can withstand the weight up to 200 kg when being lowered or raised or suspending. The chassis is constructed of cold-rolling steel sheets, with its frame being rounded to provide users with comprehensive safety production.
▷ A responder is integrated with a digital wireless microphone and will be automatically enabled if he/she races to be the first to answer a question.
▷ You can input a number from the responder.
▷ Data sent will be prompted.
▷ Smart energy save and sleep mode will be automatically enabled if it is left inactive for a certain period of time.
▷ Free drive installation to ensure high stability and simple use of the system.
Product Compositions
    All-in-one touch device, intelligent interactive terminal, speaker, wireless audio system.

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