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Sightseeing Bus/Sightseeing Boat Auto Positioning & Presentation

Time:2017-05-24    Author:  Administration Department

    This system, with wireless positioning poles preset in a scene spot, achieves a wireless positioning network covering the whole scene spot. The auto positioning broadcast representation system capable of auto positioning (interconnect to the wireless positioning network of the scene spot and realize precise positioning) and being powered by solar energy is pre-installed onto the sightseeing bus (electric power cart)/sightseeing boat to assure the driver and allow visitors to experience services at higher level, thereby receiving public praises.
System Framework
    No commentator is required, guide point set along the marching route of a sightseeing bus/boat,
    A guide point triggers the audio guide on the sightseeing bus/boat to automatically play and present.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for various sightseeing districts.


Technical Features
▷ Wireless positioning throughout, presentation automated, without the need of manual intervention
▷ Powered by solar energy, uninterruptedly working for 24 hours for 365 days
▷ Quick installation, update and retrofitting, fully isolated from the electric power cart to avoid interference with the electric power cart or possible damage due to relying on its own electric system.
▷ Allow a visitor to use an audio guide for positioning & presentation to solve the problem of multi-language presentation (setting)
Product Compositions
    Vehicle-mounted speaker system for presentation, vehicle-mounted wireless positioning system, vehicle-mounted system driver controller.

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