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Venue Intelligent Audio Control System

Time:2017-07-06    Author:  Design Department

    Communicating with a robot to allow the robot to understand what you say is the thing we earnestly long for. With the rapid development of big data, cloud computing, IoT, mobile Internet and other intelligent technologies, the current intelligence industry present a trend of digitalization and the digital economy era is coming and speech recognition technology has already been mature and applied in all aspects of daily life. Under the framework of intelligent speech recognition, the company always strives to continuously fuse and innovate of different industries including intelligent exhibition halls, intelligent consoles, intelligent household and intelligent hotels based on "IoT", "artificial intelligence" and "big data platform processing". Rather than operation mode using a traditional remote control, voice is used to control electronics in the exhibition hall including lighting system and speaker, which only requires users to say something to intelligently control and bring users with more convenient, comfortable and safe lives.
System Framework
    The speech control system designed to implement the intelligent speech wireless control function can realize the speech control of intelligent devices by simply connecting the control board and serial port of the intelligent device to the module port of the supporting intelligent speech software.

    The intelligent speech control system is built with a remote speech recognition system and remote pick-up technology to make man-machine interaction as easy as the communication between human beings. In addition to more accurate speech recognition technology, the device is also capable of providing powerful semantic comprehension closer to human thinking mode.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for intelligent speech control system setting of exhibition halls including museums, planning museum and art exhibitions, as well as houses, and hotels.


Technical Features
▷ Up to 6 m radius far-field pick up + speech filter technology to break the distance bottleneck
▷ Fully automatic background noise suppression, and accurately capture human voice in a complicated background noise
▷ 5.8G digital wireless speaker to avoid interference from existing 2.4G wireless products, improve the quality of voice transmission, improve the accuracy of speech collection and recognition and improve the experience of intelligent control.
▷ Less than 200 ms of response time to recognition result to provide more smooth information exchange
▷ Ultra-size language model is used for voice listening and writing, intelligently predict its dialog context according to recognition result statement, and predict intelligent segmentation and punctuation
▷ Personalized language recognition: based on the characteristic of users' speech, establish a personalized entry language model, adjust recognition parameters, continuously optimize the recognition effect and improve the personalized entry recognition of a user
Product Compositions
    Far-field pickup microphone, speech optimization processor, cloud speech recognition system, digital signal converter and hardware control device

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