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Museum Social Education System

Time:2017-10-19    Author:  Foreign trade Department

    Many large sized and magnificent museums has been set up in the most prosperous and the most beautiful location of a city to reflect its cultural connotation. Nonetheless, lag in museum publicity for a long time has resulted in few visitors for most of them. Actually, social education of a museum is not only limited to presentation, but also take the priority of museum publicity to serve people at all levels, of which adults occupy a certain proportion. To develop the museum social education system is not only required by the development of museum career but also by the development of social education.

    Relying on the basic exhibition of a museum, taking characteristics of different audiences and trend education as key points, using modern multi-media devices to make full use of all controlled culture resources including cultural relics, venues, facilities, technologies, combining with the characteristics of the museum, and trying to expand effective propaganda and promotion routes to establish diverse social education activities, make a museum an integral part of daily life and realize the maximum value of the social education system.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for social education system setting of exhibition halls including museums, planning museum and art exhibitions.


Technical Features
▷ Its core device is the intelligent platform integrated with a computer, centralized controller, wireless microphone, power amplifier, speaker, visual presenter, and multi-point touch screen.
▷ Industry-leading 5.8G digital wireless speaker system, without interference with market available 2.4G wireless product to ensure quality of audio transmission
▷ Platform height is adjustable (electrically operated), intelligent control, comprehensive environment adaptation, a professional assistance for presenters
▷ Exclusive dual-screen display to display more contents at the same time and increase convenience and efficiency of presentation
▷ Built-in 5 m radius high sensitivity recording microphone to accurately capture human voice and ensure presentation effect
▷ Support non-contact IC card ON/OFF
Product Compositions
    Integrated intelligent platform, wireless speaker system and wireless microphone.

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