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Time:2014-04-07    Author:  Design Department

    When people are gathering for visit, a team audio presentation system can be selected to control the presentation volume of each team to create a quiet and graceful tour environment. A commentator talks via the wireless microphone and visitors wear headphones. Even in a windy and open environment, a commentator can present in normal tone and visitors can receive clearly. A receiving headphone provided is compactly and delicately designed and can be worn comfortably. A receiving headphone is provided with a disposable earmuff to ensure health and safety of users. The chaos and noise that are generated by commentators from several teams, as well as the problem that visitors have no individual space and should follow the commentator to prevent falling behind in traditional tours can be effectively avoided, thereby providing visitors with an easy and joyful tour.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for sightseeing places such as scene spots, museums, technology exhibition halls and art exhibitions.

Technical Features
▷ SOYO 2.4G digital wireless team presentation system is preset with 120 channels (no interference when it is used by 120 teams at the same time). A channel has the maximum capacity of 500 channels and unlimited receiving quantity. RX and TX are automatically detected with time delay less than 0.5 ms.
▷ When a commentator holds a wireless microphone, wireless receivers within 50 m radius can receive the audio signal at the same time. The product uses 2.4G digital wireless technology and will not interfere with traditional analog signals (mobile phone, broadcast and intercom). A microphone used by a commentator is mainly divided into head microphone and clip type microphone. A head microphone has the best audio effect due to its proximity to lip.
▷ A wireless microphone is provided with a LCD and can play music or background music. The product passes the type approval by the State Radio Administration and has green, environment friendly and stable transmission signals.
▷ A receiver uses a single-sided headset and is designed compactly, easy to use and portable.
▷ It has high HDCD HI-FI characteristic during Tx and Rx.
Product Compositions
    Wireless presentation transmitter for team, wireless head receiver, rechargeable disinfection cabinet.

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