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Individual Guide

Time:2015-09-16    Author:  Foreign trade Department

    For individual DIY tour, a multi-media audio guide is here in a scene point and exhibition hall for lease. Each scene spot requires no manual intervention to implement auto presentation via audio or video by combining images, texts, audios and videos. In addition, manual guide is here for your choice, allowing you to select the scene spot you are interested in and ask the audio guide to automatically plan your route and provide recommendations. This eliminates the case that your tour fails due to familiarity with a scene spot, going wrong, no comment, incomplete tour, insufficient understanding of history and culture of the scene. With the audio guide, you are free to arrange the schedule as you think according to your time and have the best experience in the tour.
System Framework
    Install a guide transmission card in each subject area and main scene spots or exhibits in the exhibition hall. When a visitor with an audio guide goes before the presentation point, the guide transmission card will trigger the audio guide to automatically play presentations.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for sightseeing places such as scene spots, museums, technology exhibition halls and art exhibitions.


Technical Features
▷ An audio guide features full-automatic playback function, i.e. allowing audiences to enter a campus with the audio guide, without manual intervention, and the audio guide to play instructions of the related cultural relic.
▷ The system support multiple instruction combinations, such as audio, video, audio play and comment display, audio play and image display. A campus can randomly select a presentation method according to the distribution of exhibition halls to diversify presentations.
▷ An audio guide supports manual browsing as well as switching guide on-demand.
Product Compositions
    Audio & video guide, guide transmission card, rechargeable disinfection cabinet, anti-theft alarm system and audio writing system.

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