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Classroom Real-time Interaction & Feedback System

Time:2018-03-21    Author:  Publicity Department

    The SOYO classroom real-time interaction & feedback system is a teaching assistance system by the center based on the modern advanced education by relying on its own powerful technological strength. It breaks through limitation that students have to hand up to answer questions,  but rather use responders to give every student the right to answer the questions and participate in the classroom. It also has powerful result analysis ability that will automatically enable wireless microphone for the student who firstly responds to a question, thereby exhibiting the fairness, universality and scientific property of a classroom.
System Framework
    A teacher uses a special receiver to immediately collect students' answers, and then organize hundred of students to discuss based on the statistical result to understand who supports a certain idea and who has the same idea with himself/herself to stimulate discussions between students.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for establishment of interactive classrooms for all schools.

Technical Features
▷A responder is integrated with a digital wireless microphone and will be automatically enabled if he/she races to be the first to answer a question
▷ You can input a number from the responder
▷ Data sent will be prompted
▷ Smart energy save and sleep mode will be automatically enabled if it is left inactive for a certain period of time
▷ Free drive installation to ensure high stability and simple use of the system
▷ Questions from a teacher can be immediately answered by a student, without increase of teacher's workload
Product Compositions
    Intelligent interaction & feedback terminal for students, interaction & feedback host for teachers, wireless microphone, and wireless speaker.

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