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Interactive Video Conference

Time:2018-01-08    Author:  Administration Department

    The interactive video conference developed based on the IT is integrated with several multi-media devices including a computer, HD camera, HD terminal and audio recording system to make the configuration of a conference system more and more professional. Connecting multi-media conference terminals from several sites and transmitting image, video and data signals between them bring people with more data traffic and rich and vivid communication method, and thus give personnel outside the conference site the feeling of being there to finally substitute traditional conference. The interactive video conference uses high-tech communication means which is sufficiently open and advanced to gradually evolve an exchange place functioning only as a listening place to a multi-functional and comprehensive information exchange place. The conference allows people in different places to simply and quickly hold a meeting and timely share resources and also perfectly solve the problems with online meeting exchange from different sites and retainment of proceedings without loss. The combination of hardware and software management system not only ensures the quality of audio and video but also facilitate centralized management. It has lower cost than pure hardware and thus has high cost performance.
System Framework
      In the whole application system, the main MCU can manage the main meeting place and branch meeting places at multiple levels and also manage proceedings. The conference system allows a moderator to increase or decrease scenarios at any time, and the moderator hosting the conference can adjust the settings of audio and video for participants. For example, when organizing a meeting, an Education Bureau can selectively access branch meeting places of several schools, and exchange with one or several of them in real time. Other branch meeting places can receive the video information, and exchange with another branch meeting place in real time. Branch meeting places coming later should be permitted by the moderator to join in the conference.
Application Scenarios
    Allow enterprises, government departments and schools to implement processing remote conference.

Technical Features
▷ Highly integrated design, built-in camera and concealed microphone; It is integrated with video encoding technology and audio encoding technology. It is compactly designed and rugged to meet conference demands of different scales.
▷ Integrated with an HD color camera, all-round video intelligent PTZ, multi-protocol decoder, intelligent video processing system (5-6 m MIC pick-up system, integrated background noise suppression, echo elimination, as well as playing of audio signals from the other side by high quality distortion-prevention local power amplifier and horn, and LINE_OUT can be selected to be output to an external power amplifier (inserted one prioritizes)) , accurate positioning, long pick-up distance and HD video image.
▷ New generation of PTZ, 355° horizontal rotation, range of view 360°; vertical up 90°, down 45°, allowing image rotation in vertical direction to bring users with wide range of view.
▷3D intelligent noise reduction technology, distortion prevention output 2~3W.
▷2.07 million megapixel, pixel size 2.8um x2.8um, image resolution: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240, 16:9 sequential scanning.
▷ Allow setting and calling out of preset points, positioning accurate to 0.1°, a camera supports up to 64 preset points.
▷ Desktop, wall, and ceiling mounting are supported to adapt to several application scenarios.
Product Compositions
    Central video device, paperless conference system, conference recording system and HD terminal

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