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5.8 G Digital Wireless Teaching Speaker System

Time:2018-01-10    Author:  Foreign trade Department

    For existing wireless speaker and broadcast environments, the combination of our proprietary 5.8G wireless microphone (SOYO-WTG10) + 5.8G digital wireless speaker (TP-WTG09) is recommended to implement the establishment of the digital wireless broadcast system based on wired speaker broadcast. The interference from the existing 2.4G wireless product can be effectively avoided to improve the quality of video transmission and enhance the amplification effect.
Application Scenarios
    Suitable for classrooms, meeting rooms and training rooms where amplification is required.

Technical Features
▷ The product has passed the type approval test and issued with type approval certificate by the State Radio Administration with regard to 5.8 GHz spreading communication equipment.

▷ Transmission frequency: 5725Mhz-5850MHz.

▷ Effective operating distance: ≥15m.

▷ Built-in laser pen and electronic pointer.

▷ PPT paging and one-key blank screen/recovery, used with a projector or computer presenter.

▷ USB interface to implement charge, data communication and upgrade management.

▷ Low power consumption, auto mute or sleep when the signal is weak or unavailable to save energy.

▷ A speaker is built with a wireless module: dual-receiver design to receive signals from two microphones at the same time, provided with a USB upgrade interface to facilitate software upgrade of wireless part of a speaker.

▷ A speaker can be ceiling mounted to ensure good amplification effect in a classroom.
Product Compositions
    5.8G wireless microphone, 5.8G digital wireless speaker and dual-microphone dock charger.

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