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2.4G Digital Wireless Teaching Speaker System

Time:2018-07-07    Author:  Business Department

    To meet demands of higher education, general education and preschool education in small-sized classrooms, the company independently developed and produced a speaker system with the amplification power up to 100W/800W. A digital wireless microphone and digital wireless dual-receiver power amplifier meet amplification requirements of any form.

    The receiver power amplifier can be connected to an external gooseneck microphone for wired amplification, or receive voice from a wireless microphone to be used as wireless amplifier. It applies to any conditions and can easily implement amplification demands in various scenarios to transmit audios to every corner.

Application Scenarios
    Suitable for classrooms, meeting rooms and training rooms where amplification is required.

Technical Features
▷ 2.4G digital signal, green and environment friendly.

▷ LCD of a digital wireless microphone (volume, play information and channel), laser pen and PPT paging.

▷ A microphone is able to collect audios in full band range to express each audio detail of a user.

▷ Each classroom transmits signals independently without mutual interference between classrooms.

▷ High anti-interference performance, eliminating mutual interference and interference of traditional analog signals (mobile phone, FM broadcast, intercom) with the system.

▷ A power amplifier is provided with two receivers to allow simultaneous operation of two microphones.

▷ A power amplifier is compatible with wired audio input and provided with 5 wired microphone input interfaces.

▷ A power amplifier is built with USB digital audio play module and FM radio module to realize auto channel search and store 30 digital channels. Files in MP3 format in an external USB can be directly played to facilitate user of audio materials such as MP3 in the process of teaching.
Product Compositions
    2.4G digital wireless microphone, gooseneck meeting microphone, 2.4G digital wireless dual-receiver power amplifier 100W/800W, passive speaker and wireless speaker.

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