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Smart Classroom

Time:2017-12-21    Author:  Publicity Department

        In the process of teaching via a multi-media system, a teacher can not only use teaching materials to instruct basic knowledge and basic theory to students, but also flexibly use network resources to display and instruct new information, new dynamics, new concepts and new data related to teaching contents at home and abroad, thereby significantly enriching the teaching contents and expanding students' view. At the same time, it allows some teaching contents that are difficult to be expressed or phenomenons that cannot be observed in traditional teaching means to be displayed via a computer vividly, graphically and intuitively and thus deepen understanding of problems and improve the learning enthusiasm. In addition, the multi-media teaching will make learning contents that are originally dull and abstract to be intuitive and easy to understand via expressions such as image or animation, without the need of blackboard writing. For a teacher, this not only reduces the workload of blackboard writing, but also save more class hours to deliver more information to students and pay attention to organization and teaching of contents in classroom, thereby improving the teaching efficiency; for students, they will receive more knowledge within the same time and also more easily understand and absorb, and thus improve the learning efficiency.

Application Scenarios
    Suitable for places where multi-media devices, speakers or speaker systems are not installed such as classroom, multi-function hall, meeting room and training room.

Technical Features
▷ The core of the intelligent classroom is the multi-media platform. The teaching speaker can be implemented by simply integrating the platform with a computer, multi-media control system, 21.5" multi-point IR touch screen, 8 megapixel visual presenter A3/A4-size paper photography and height-adjustable video presenter, audio device, audio & video converter and other electronics, without the need of an external speaker.

▷ The all-in-one machine can be flexibly moved without environment limitations, and facilitate setting of a teaching environment. The table height can be flexibly adjusted (electric up & down, intelligently controlled). The platform top can be lowered or raised or paused between 0.825 m and 1.125 m to adapt to different height requirements to provide users with optimal view and use experience. The top can withstand the weight up to 200 kg when being lowered or raised or suspending. The chassis is constructed of cold-rolling steel sheets, with its frame being rounded to provide users with comprehensive safety production.
Product Compositions
    Integrated multi-media intelligent platform, speaker, projector and electronic whiteboard.

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